Case Study: Advanced Cosmeceuticals at Beauty Expo 2023


Advanced Cosmeceuticals is a leading provider of innovative skincare solutions that bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. With a commitment to research and development, they offer a range of high-performance skincare products backed by scientific expertise. In 2023, the company embarked on a rebranding journey, including a logo redesign and a fresh approach to their exhibition presence.


The Beauty Expo 2023 is a prominent annual industry event that brings together beauty professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to showcase the latest trends, products, and technologies in the beauty and skincare industry. This event offers a prime platform for companies like Advanced Cosmeceuticals to connect with their target audience and display their offerings.


Advanced Cosmeceuticals wanted to create an exhibition stand that reflected their newly rebranded identity while also capturing the essence of their skincare innovation. The company was looking to move away from their previous stand design which was mostly white. Instead, they sought to introduce black into their color scheme to provide a sophisticated and elegant backdrop. They aimed for a design that balanced an open, flowing layout to accommodate foot traffic while integrating existing stand assets such as custom-made illuminated product shelving units and a curved reception counter.

2022 Stand Design
2023 Stand Design


Working closely with Advanced Cosmeceuticals, the Expo Centric design and build team developed a concept that built upon the successful elements of the previous year’s stand while incorporating the updated brand identity. The result was an open and inviting space that featured two illuminated 3D logos and a large lightbox fabric graphic (2m x 2.5m) to draw attention from afar. The exterior walls of the stand were adorned with large format graphics that highlighted the company’s core messaging.

The focal point of the stand was the custom-made illuminated product shelving units, showcasing their skincare offerings in an attractive and functional manner. The layout seamlessly integrated these shelving units with an open free-flowing space that encouraged interaction and engagement. Additionally, a dedicated treatment/facial area was designed to facilitate live demonstrations. This area featured a water source, treatment bed, storage for towels and supplies, and a counter for mixing bowls.


The biggest challenges faced by the team included creating a fresh design that departed from the previous year’s look while incorporating the new branding elements and introducing black into the color scheme. The team worked to strike a balance between an open layout and incorporating existing stand assets, such as the illuminated shelving units and reception counter.


The Advanced Cosmeceuticals exhibition stand at Beauty Expo 2023 featured a range of elements that collectively showcased the brand’s commitment to innovation and aesthetic sophistication. Dominating the space were two meticulously crafted illuminated 3D logos, each measuring 1.85m x .329m, serving as bold representations of the company’s rebranded identity. Complementing this central focus was a large lightbox fabric graphic spanning 2m x 2.5m, drawing the attention of attendees from across the event floor with its vibrant visuals.

Strategically positioned along the exterior walls were expansive large format graphics, thoughtfully designed to captivate passing visitors and communicate the core messages of Advanced Cosmeceuticals. These eye-catching visuals acted as compelling invitations for attendees to explore the booth’s offerings further. Anchoring the stand were custom-made illuminated product shelving units, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with functional utility. This innovative shelving solution allowed the brand’s skincare products to take center stage, encouraging attendees to engage and interact with the products firsthand.

The stand’s layout prioritized an open and free-flowing design, catering to the steady stream of foot traffic while fostering a comfortable environment for meaningful interactions. One of the standout features was the dedicated treatment/facial area, meticulously designed to accommodate live demonstrations. This area featured essential amenities, including a water source for cleansing and mask removal, a treatment bed for showcasing products, and storage compartments for towels and treatment supplies. A specially designated counter for mixing bowls provided the ideal setup for showcasing the brand’s product applications and treatments.

Collectively, these features transformed the Advanced Cosmeceuticals exhibition stand into a captivating destination within the Beauty Expo 2023. The integration of striking visual elements, functional product displays, and interactive spaces showcased the brand’s expertise, attracted attendees, and effectively communicated the company’s innovative approach to skincare solutions.


The Advanced Cosmeceuticals exhibition stand at Beauty Expo 2023 was a resounding success. The reimagined design successfully incorporated the new brand elements and introduced the desired black color scheme while maintaining a fresh and inviting appearance. The integration of existing stand assets with the new layout was seamless, allowing the company to showcase its skincare products in an engaging and eye-catching manner. The treatment/facial area facilitated live demonstrations, adding an interactive element to the stand and enhancing attendee engagement.

Overall, the stand design captured the essence of Advanced Cosmeceuticals’ commitment to innovation and scientific expertise. It attracted attention, encouraged interaction, and effectively communicated the company’s brand message and product offerings to a diverse audience of beauty professionals and enthusiasts. The success of the exhibition stand highlighted the importance of thoughtful design in creating a memorable and impactful presence at industry events.

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