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We create world-class marketing activations that leave you unforgettable.

Expo Centric knows that it only takes a second to become unforgettable. We create world-class activations that harness meaningful connections between companies and stakeholders alike. We also know that businesses must engage with experiential campaigns in order to create unforgettable immersive experiences.

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The opportunity for experiential marketing is endless with no right or wrong way to create an impact. Here are just some of the ways you can create your next experiential events.

Conference and trade shows

Allow your company to stand alongside the very best in the industry. Conferences and trade shows provide a concentrated event for companies to build and develop relationships with an audience curated to your company. Whilst onsite companies can achieve numerous investment goals including creating sales, capturing leads through digital experiences and educating customers with product sampling.

Experiential marketing campaigns at trade shows work alongside a digital marketing strategy will support your presence in the market.

Pop up stores

Pop up shops are a short term experiential activation run by brands to harness a face to face interaction with consumers. They have quickly become a successful vehicle behind launching brands, new product ranges and encouraging tactility between brands and their consumers.

From a commercial standpoint, pop-up stores hold the key to transitioning from online to physical stores (and vice versa). They break the financial barrier to showcasing products in a storefront and suddenly ecommerce (or buying online in our language) is no longer the enemy
The result? More awareness. More customers. More Growth.

There are no rules when it comes to pop ups. Take this trend by the reins, and create an activation that compliments your business.

In-store activations

Bring the marketing activation to you and your customers. In store brand experiences you are connecting with the right audience, whilst attracting a geotargetted potential audience.

In store activations allow brands to host corporate events and experiential marketing events within their own store to allow for further campaign longevity and at times to streamline costs. Often the event marketing can be streamlined to target just those surrounding the location, or existing customers.

Bring your brand to life by activating an in-store activation for your next campaign.

Mobile activations

Meet them on the road with a mobile activation. Mobile activations allow your company to meet their audience anywhere they are.

How can it be done? Meet Optimus, an expandable mobile showcase with high-end innovative technology at its forefront. All Optimus trailers are multi-functional, affordable, relocatable and easy to set up. Once expanded, they nearly double in size. They come in a smart, luxurious design with a high-end finish. Above all, our Optimus containers are fully customizable to meet your requirements. Perfect for use in a wide range of applications, from small corporate events to large exhibitions, roadshows, product launches, mobile clinics and many more.

Mobile activations bring real life experiences and brand activations to the customer. Companies can use this type of brand experience to attend major events or alternatively have a presence at shopping centers, universities and other outdoor areas.

Don’t wait for your audience to come to you, meeting them on the road with a mobile activation.

Experiential marketing

Frequently asked questions

Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy that brings your brand to life, so that your company can create experiences for face to face consumers to engage with.

How long is a piece of string? The lead time for preparing a marketing activation will depend entirely on the idea. Speak to our expert team today to understand a realistic timeframe.

Expo Centric is a full service event company, which takes your company from concept to delivery and everything in between. Unlike other companies, Expo Centric keep all services in house, eliminating external fees and streamlining all processes.

Expo Centric is a specialist brand activation agency that has run thousands of successful activations for clients around Australia. Our highly experienced team can manage your entire brand activation campaign.

Here! We understand that coordinating a marketing activation can be a daunting task. Speak with one of our team members today, who can not only detail the process Expo Centric takes, but will stay by yourself throughout the entire campaign.

With over 12 years of experience our team is confident we can create exactly what you have in mind. There are no limits for a brand experience agency and our team can’t wait to speak to you about your next event.

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