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POS marketing can increase your customers’ spend-per-visit within a retail environment and create meaningful customer experiences without being intrusive. Providing an attractive point-of-sale display offers a strong upsell opportunity for retail outlets. Customers in a queue are both qualified yet time-poor. An exceptionally designed point-of-sale display is critical to increasing a customer’s spend.

Expo Centric is an expert in POS marketing and design for retail environments. If you’re looking for retail point-of-sale displays that get results, including interactive displays, we can help.

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POS design

Combining built space with human interaction and digital solutions, we create the backdrop for brands to emotionally connect with their current and future customers. 

Whether you need in-store point-of-sale displays or a retail kiosk display, either as a single installation or for national rollout we have you covered.

From conceptual design to manufacture, we offer permanent, semi-permanent and cardboard temporary displays and more. We have access to the latest screen and digital printing technology that brings your interactive point-of-sale design to life.

Pet Barn fridge display
National roll-out
Hitachi product display

POS display marketing outcomes

Expo Centric has extensive experience in designing custom point-of-sale displays designed to produce increased customer spend. Having worked on POS displays for leading retailers throughout Australia and across a variety of industries, we understand the challenge of attracting customers’ attention and triggering action. We know how to design cost-effective sales displays that are functional yet attractive. If you want your shoppers to spend more, we can help.

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Frequently asked questions

Point-of-sale marketing is the science of persuading buyers to engage with a point-of-sale display and then buy from it. This incorporates messaging, branding, design and placement.

Clever sale display designs attract the attention of the consumer and get them to engage with your offer. Bad sale designs, though, have the opposite effect. Our experienced structural designers know how to create POS displays that are both physically robust and enticing enough to catch the eye of shoppers.

If you want consumers to buy from the point of sale, you first need to attract their attention, which means creating a display that is visually appealing and perhaps has an interactive element as well. Second, you need to present them with an offer that is both easy to understand and enticing. Third, you have to make it practically easy for them to buy – i.e. the product has to be easy to remove from the display. The better you execute that process, the more likely the customer is to make a purchase.

Expo Centric is an award-winning company that has created POS campaigns for brands throughout Australia. We’re involved in the point-of-sale display process from beginning to end, including strategy, design, marketing, installation and logistics. We understand how to help our clients sell more of their products.

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