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Expo Centric is a leading audio visual equipment supplier for exhibitions. High-quality AV equipment takes your event space to the next level and leaves a lasting impression on potential clients. We use cutting-edge technology, such as LED projection screens, 3D holographic projections and electronic consoles. We also supply video, lights, wireless microphones, speakers, monitors, laptops, two-way radios, external sound systems and more. In short, we’ve got you covered for all your AV requirements.

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The more customers you attract to your exhibition or event space, the more business you’re likely to generate. Quality audio-visual experiences are essential to this aim. We can help you with AV planning and AV setup, and supply you with all the AV equipment you need for your upcoming event. We’re as much of an AV company as we are an exhibition company, so we can meet all your AV needs.

AV equipment that we offer

We stock the latest AV equipment and technology to help you connect and engage with your customers.

LED screens

Movement, light, and colour will bring your space to life. Expo Centric’s state-of-the-art exhibition LED screen technology will let you transform any wall, ceiling or hanging structure into a seamless screen. We can create integrated LED screens from less than one metre in size to hundreds of metres. They’re fully integrated with audio, have the ability to switch video input sources and can simultaneously display different content on different tiles.


Ultra-high resolution

You’ll get razor-sharp, vivid images, thanks to our 2.8mm pixel pitch.


Integrate to any structure

Our LED technology can transform any wall, ceiling or hanging structure into a seamless screen.


Unique curved screens

We can create concave walls, at angles of 5 degrees, 7.5 degrees and 10 degrees.

Touch screens

Touch screens are a great way to engage audiences, whether you’re running small meetings for qualified buyers or big events for potential clients. Touch screens are similar to touch tables, but they get mounted onto the wall. They can be loaded with educational quizzes or interactive games – whatever you think is most likely to get people to interact with your brand. Touch screens are one of our most popular audio visual hire items.

Photo booth​

Event planners know that a sure-fire way to delight audiences is to include a photo booth or green screen at an exhibition or corporate event. So why not include them in your next display? Visitors will love getting dressed up in industry-related outfits (e.g. costumes, hard hats and fluro safety overalls), and then sharing the fun images (with your branding included) on social media. Photos booths and green screens are a key part of our audio-visual equipment line-up.


Holocube is one of the most amazing pieces of audio-visual equipment ever invented. It uses patented 3D holographic display technology that will leave your customers in awe and help you take your sales presentation to the next level. Holocube combines the most advanced modern projection techniques with a contemporary, sleek housing. It’s available in a variety of sizes, with units ranging from 15 to 70 inches.

Audio & lighting

Having supplied many events and exhibitions throughout Australia, we know the importance of high-quality audio and lighting – otherwise, your space will look and feel dull. We can cover all your audio and lighting needs, from headset microphones, speakers and music to floor lights, stage lighting and additional lighting options.


Tailored to suit your specific audio-visual needs

We design visual, lighting and technology inclusions around your budget and audience. We’ll provide you with the audio-visual equipment that best suits your unique needs.



Our designers can craft entirely digital innovative spaces that you can use for training, marketing and brand activation purposes.



Providing the ultimate in flexibility, combining remote digital elements with live, in-person environments that encapsulate modern needs.



Live experiences can be enhanced by a multitude of virtual reality experiences, creating higher levels of immersion and connection.

Frequently asked questions

AV can make or break an exhibition display. With the right audio-visual equipment, you’ll create a dynamic event space that lures visitors. Conversely, if you don’t invest in quality AV equipment or if it’s not properly set up, your display will look unprofessional and uninviting.

Your choice of audio technology depends on your space, audience and budget. Our technicians can advise you on what speakers, microphones, cables and other audio technology you will need for your next event.

Your choice of lighting and other audio-visual technology very much depends on your display. For example, a smaller stand will need different lighting to a larger space. Also, a display that receives less natural light will require different lighting solutions to one that receives more. Your budget and audience are also relevant. We have a wide range of lighting options, and will be happy to provide recommendations.

Holograms are 3D displays that can be viewed without glasses or headsets. The Holocube, which is supplied by Expo Centric, can be used to deliver holographic presentations to visitors to your exhibition stand. Holograms are a great form of marketing, because audiences find them so engaging.

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