Case Study: AusRAIL PLUS Expo 2023

The Companies:

At AusRAIL PLUS 2023, our six clients required stands to engage with industry figures and strengthen their brands in the Australian and New Zealand Rail sector. In this article, you will see the stands we built to help them with their needs.

The Event:

The AusRAIL PLUS 2023 expo, held from 13-16 NOV at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney, provided an unparalleled platform for engagement with key industry figures and strengthening brand presence within the flagship event of the Australian and New Zealand Rail sector. Through a strategic partnership with AusRAIL PLUS 2023, brands had the opportunity to exhibit their innovative contributions, demonstrate leadership, and champion the growth and success of the rail industry at this premier trade show.  

RATP Dev at AusRAIL PLUS 2023 

RATP Dev enlisted the expertise of Expo Centric to construct a customised exhibition stand designed to attract expo attendees and convert inquiries into tangible ROI and profit. The stand was purpose was for brand visibility and encouraging consultation between marketers and AusRAIL attendees.  

Upon arrival, prospective clients were greeted by a pristine reception counter manned by a receptionist ready to engage with every visitor. The client’s brand message was displayed on a massive back wall, immediately catching the eyes of visitors. Further messaging was conveyed through a video infomercial showcasing the client’s offerings, viewable on the adjacent graphic wall.  

Located behind this wall was a meeting room, providing a private space for marketers to engage visitors in deeper conversations and close deals. Taking into consideration the principles of using aesthetics, custom timber slat walls were placed at the entrance of the meeting room to add more beauty and create a feeling of relaxation.  

RATP Dev’s stand did its purpose of transforming expo attendees into potential business connections. With the event just on its second day, RATP representatives expressed their contentment with the stand to the Expo Centric account manager overseeing the project. 

Downer at AusRAIL PLUS 2023 

For Downer’s showcase at the trade show, a suspended banner served as a beacon, with the purpose of drawing the attention of expo attendees from afar. Expo Centric partnered this with a striking, angular structure that naturally caught the eye. The overall perimeter of the stand was 6m x 6m. The use of white panels on wall structures and white gloss flooring blended well with Downer’s printed branding and colour schemes. The backwalls were adorned with illuminated brand graphics and high-definition infomercials, which looped on HD screens, delivering a clear and direct message. 

The main reception counter contained Downer’s logo, and display counters were located beside the two adjacent backwalls to showcase Downer’s offerings. For comfortable conversations and transactions between marketers and prospective clients, bar tables, bar stools, and a café table with seats were distributed at key points within the stand.

A train-shaped, stress reliever giveaway also helped in boosting traffic. These giveaways, partnered with the functional stand enabled Downer to effectively present their offerings to prospective clients, fulfilling the purpose of engaging with potential clients, and ultimately driving business growth. 

Pandrol at AusRAIL PLUS 2023 

At the trade show, Pandrol tasked Expo Centric to use printed large-scale graphics that effectively communicated the company’s message, branded with their blue and yellow colourway.  

As visitors entered the stand, they were greeted by a large, printed fabric banner to showcase the presence of the brand in the venue. The stand had a large floor space, and at the back of the stand featured a three-part wall. The central back wall displayed Pandrol branding partnered with a high-definition screen playing infomercials. Behind it was an integrated walk-in storeroom.  

A printed photograph of a tunnel that Pandrol had worked on was printed in high resolution, located at the centre wall. The left and right walls also featured printed brand messaging, and graphics.  

On the left side, the stand also had a freestanding TV blade with a meeting table to conduct on-stand presentations. The said TV blade had back-to-back HD screens, one facing inside the stand, and the other facing the outside of the stand. Because of this, people walking outside by the left isle can catch a glimpse of Pandrol’s offerings. Display counters with brand logos where the vessels that showcased Pandrol’s products. 

Westermo at AusRAIL PLUS 2023

For Westermo’s exhibit at the trade show, Expo Centric employed a circular rigged banner as the initial draw to establish brand presence in the venue. Upon entering the booth, visitors were immediately greeted by five display counters showcasing Westermo’s hardware, to entice people from companies seeking to upgrade their operational hardware. 

The next eye-catcher was a wall adorned with Westermo’s beautiful branding. To the left was a walk-in storage room with additional branding and a high-definition screen playing in-depth infomercials about the brand and its products. Below the said screen are wall mounted models of Westermo’s hardware. 

For passersby in the aisle, a graphics blade provided more branding and messaging to entice them to step in and explore the stand.  

Braemac Engineering at AusRAIL PLUS 2023 

Braemac was a repeat customer, and they wanted a simple stand with strong visual impact. They also wanted the stand to be cost efficient.  

To supply their needs, Expo Centric custom-built a simple, yet graphic heavy stand. The purpose of which was to effectively convey high impact brand messaging. They wanted to inform AusRAIL attendees about their products and services just by looking at the walls of the stand. The back walls were printed with their logo, texts of products and services offered, and some graphics to support the said text. 

HD screens provided additional information about the client’s offerings. One was hung at the adjacent back wall, and another screen was at the front display counter. There was also a long counter at the back which occupied the entire back wall floor space. Displayed on these counters were Braemac’s top hardware products, which were mostly light systems for train networks. 

To maximise the fact that these products emitted light, Expo Centric supplied the stand with power supply so that these products can be lit, adding illumination and beauty to the stand. This was an example of a straightforward stand where the products did all the talking.   

Liberty Primary Steel at AusRAIL PLUS 2023

To achieve maximum impact in AusRAIL PLUS at low cost, the client and Expo Centric used vibrant lighting to beautify a 3m x 3m stand. The flooring used was white gloss tiles which occupied the entire stand flooring. Expo Centric then solicited the assistance of its affiliate, Exhibit Central, to provide a lightbox, which contains the client’s vibrant picture printed on a backlit fabric.  

When the backlit lightbox is turned on, the picture printed on the lightbox gets illuminated and it creates a vibrant and appealing eye experience for the visitors. The white gloss flooring also helped in the enhancement of the visual appeal as the light from the lightbox bounced to the floor. Simple yet Ingenious. 

The Result:

Expo Centric designed and built six exhibition stands that featured sleek and efficient structures that naturally grab the eye’s attention. These versatile structures allowed for a lot of graphic space, product display, and consultation, giving our clients more opportunities for business growth with the use of high impact stands while exhibiting in AusRAIL PLUS 2023. 

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