Brand activations

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Expo Centric is an award-winning brand activation and event activation agency that knows how to create brand activations that build meaningful connections with consumers.

We differentiate ourselves in two key areas to help you with every part of your activation. We always focus on ensuring you generate a return on your investment (ROI).

We can work with you to design and build only, or if you would like an end-to-end brand activation, that includes design, build, strategy, creative, pre-show marketing and post-show marketing, we can help you achieve your desired campaign outcomes.

We’ve worked on thousands of product launches and sales promotions throughout Australia, designing immersive brand experiences for clients across all industries. We can solve any challenge with our extensive experience

If you want to create memorable experiences for your customers, Expo Centric can show you how.

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Retail brand activations

Capture your customers’ attention by standing out with innovative retail activations.

The key is to create engaging experiences that don’t just catch the eye of passing consumers but also get them to stop and interact with you. That’s how you build a long-lasting connection and loyal relationship. 

Expo Centric has helped clients all over Australia with all types of brand activations, from product launches and sampling campaigns to trade show promotions and social media contests. We can help you with every part of your brand activation and we will focus on getting you the best possible return on investment.

Live events

Live events and brand activation campaigns go hand-in-hand. Attendees are there to be wowed and have a great experience. It’s your chance for your brand to offer just what visitors are there for.

Event activations offer visitors a memorable and authentic way to interact with your brand, resulting in true brand advocacy and eagerness to spread the word amongst friends and colleagues.

If you want to run a memorable activation for your brand, Expo Centric has the experience and expertise to make sure you get a return-on-investment.

Sponsorship activations

Sponsoring an event or trade show offers a unique opportunity to expose your brand to a large audience; align your products, services, or values to a larger purpose; and create meaningful and lasting connections with customers.   

Sponsorship activations come in many forms, from product demos to immersive experiences, or surprise additions to an event that borders on guerilla marketing. The key is to make a lasting impression and give consumers a reason to interact with your business.

The more your sponsorship activation feels like entertainment and the less it feels like marketing, the more your brand will reap the rewards of positive association.

Outdoor activations

Outdoor experiences have seen a strong rise in popularity and attendance in recent times, owing to the public’s confidence in open-air environments and their desire to take advantage of local attractions and events. They offer enormous opportunities for brand activations. 

Taking advantage of this climate requires meticulous strategy, goal-setting, and precise measurements of success: exactly where Expo Centric shines.  

We will help you with every part of your outdoor activation campaign, from design, production, messaging, staffing, social content, data collection and follow-up communications.

Trade show activations

Trade show visitors are often at the sharper end of the buying cycle. They’re primed to discover their next partner or supplier, and a strong activation campaign strategy can do wonders for building and expanding brand awareness.

Expo Centric’s trade show activations draw crowds, create an environment for your visitors to feel welcome, entertained, and engaged, and leave a lasting impact on their association with your brand.

Brand activations

Frequently asked questions

Brand activations are a form of interactive marketing. Examples include product launches, sampling campaigns, business seminars, networking events, contests and parties. With traditional marketing, consumers engage with the company or product from a distance. Meanwhile, brand activations engage consumers directly.

Brand activations tend to be most popular with companies that operate in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, IT, telecommunications, healthcare and the automotive sector. Brand activations can be suitable for companies in any sector, provided they want to physically engage with their customers.

You need to get five things right if you want to run an effective brand activation campaign. First, you need to hold the activation in a place that attracts a lot of foot traffic from your target market. Second, the activation needs to catch their eye. Third, it needs to make them want to stop and interact with you. Fourth, the activation needs to complement your messaging, values and personality. Fifth, the staff running the activation need to have a chance to collect people's data.

Expo Centric is a specialist brand activation agency that has run thousands of successful activations for clients around Australia. Our highly experienced team can manage your entire brand activation campaign.

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