Case Study: CeMAT 2023

Expo Centric builds six custom stands at CeMAT 2023.

CeMAT is the world’s leading trade fair for intralogistics, materials handling and supply chain management. CeMAT Australia returned to Sydney on 25-27 July 2023 at The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park. Backing up the success of CeMAT 2022 in Melbourne, CeMAT Australia reclaimed its place as the platform for the latest industry innovations and for exchanging ideas and insights on the warehouse of the future.

The CeMAT exhibition was a one-stop-shop of the leading technology and service providers in intralogistics, robotics and automation, warehousing, supply chain management and materials handling. It showcased innovation and best practices in a wide variety of settings and sectors – from e-commerce to manufacturing, from the food industry to resources. Furthermore, it hosted six exhibition stands designed and built by Expo Centric.

SICK Sensor Intelligence at CeMAT 2023

SICK Sensory Intelligence made a striking impression at CeMAT 2023 with their innovative exhibition stand. The 6×6 raised white floor set the stage for an immersive experience that captivated attendees. A distinctive back wall structure adorned with printed graphics and the prominent CCV logo not only served as a visual centerpiece but also cleverly integrated storage spaces within. The open-plan layout of the stand was thoughtfully designed to provide ample room for displaying a diverse range of client products.

Adding to the overall ambiance, an overhead Aluvision banner drew attention from across the floor, showcasing the brand’s commitment to its cutting-edge presentation. A striking lightbox tower further amplified the visual impact, playing with light and shadow to create an engaging environment. Central to the interactive experience was a 55″ touchscreen kiosk, offering visitors a dynamic and informative interface to explore SICK’s latest offerings and technology.

SICK’s exhibit at CeMAT 2023 succeeded in not only presenting their sensory intelligence solutions but also in immersing attendees in a multi-sensory journey that highlighted the brand’s innovation, commitment to quality, and seamless integration of technology into industrial applications.

Vanderlande at CeMAT 2023

During the CeMAT 2023 exhibition, Vanderlande’s stand stood out as a captivating embodiment of innovation and aesthetic appeal. The stand, measuring 6×6 meters, featured a raised floor crafted from natural oak, exuding an air of sophistication and warmth that welcomed attendees into the world of cutting-edge logistics solutions. Positioned at the forefront was a meticulously designed reception counter, seamlessly incorporating the logo. Crafted from the same oak as the floor, the counter became a focal point, showcasing the brand’s commitment to detail and cohesiveness in design.

Two standalone towers, strategically placed within the stand, drew the attention of passersby. These towers were adorned with LED strip lighting that enveloped them in a soft glow, casting a spotlight on the technological prowess and contemporary edge that Vanderlande represents. The interplay of light and the towering presence of these structures allured visitors and emphasized the brand’s dedication to modernity. Complementing the technological elements were planter boxes adorned with greenery, infusing a touch of nature into the stand and creating a harmonious balance between the organic and the technological.

A central focus of the exhibition stand was the back wall, fitted with an impressive 82″ TV screen. The screen played a captivating reel, showcasing Vanderlande’s groundbreaking solutions and advancements in logistics. Adjacent to the screen, a large logo further reinforced the brand’s identity and prominence. The carefully curated arrangement of elements, from the inviting oak floor to the luminous towers and the captivating multimedia display, coalesced into a standout experience that not only informed attendees about Vanderlande’s innovations but also left an indelible mark of their brand’s commitment to excellence.

Wanzl at CeMAT 2023

Wanzl’s presence at CeMAT 2023 was a testament to their innovative spirit and commitment to functional design. The exhibition stand, featuring a 6×6 raised white floor, immediately drew attention with its clean and contemporary aesthetic. This platform provided a sleek foundation for the array of products and solutions showcased.

At the heart of the setup was a strategically crafted back wall that not only served as a visual anchor but also offered practicality. With a lockable counter seamlessly integrated, it provided secure storage and interactive space for engagement. The custom waterfall bench added an inviting touch, demonstrating Wanzl’s knack for combining aesthetics with user convenience.

The open plan layout of Wanzl’s stand further highlighted their customer-centric approach. By allowing ample space to display client products, they reinforced their dedication to collaborative solutions. This setup encouraged dynamic interactions, fostering discussions and partnerships within the material handling industry.

Wanzl’s exhibit at CeMAT 2023 elegantly encapsulated their values of innovation, functionality, and customer collaboration. The raised white floor, versatile back wall, and open plan design collectively reflected Wanzl’s ability to seamlessly merge form and function, setting a striking stage for their contributions to the evolution of material handling solutions.

Addverb at CeMAT 2023

At CeMAT 2023, Addverb’s exhibition stand made a significant impact with its well-designed layout and captivating elements. Spanning a booth space of 9×3 meters, the stand was divided into distinct sections. A 5×3 meter raised white floor dominated one side, creating an engaging platform for interaction, while the remaining 4×3 space was thoughtfully left as show floor concrete to serve as a fitting backdrop for their robots’ display. A key highlight was the impressive 2.5-meter-high by 4.5-meter-wide LED screen that not only drew attention but also showcased the brand’s technological leadership.

Adding a touch of sophistication, a rigged 3D illuminated logo measuring 3 meters in length and 0.5 meters in height hung prominently, casting a spotlight on the brand’s identity and commitment to innovation. The stand was equipped with storage cabinets for their giveaways, ensuring a clutter-free and organized space. Wall-mounted brochure holders neatly displayed stand collateral, offering easy access for visitors seeking information. Printed PVC graphic panels adorned the back wall and side walls, conveying the brand’s message and creating an immersive experience.

To foster a comfortable networking environment, the stand featured two café furniture settings that encouraged conversations and interactions among attendees. Altogether, Addverb’s exhibition stand at CeMAT 2023 effectively encapsulated the brand’s technological prowess, innovation, and commitment to creating a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors.

Spectrum Automation & Cognex at CeMAT 2023

At CeMAT 2023, Cognex and Spectrum, two distinct leaders in their respective fields, collaborated to create an impactful exhibition space through Expo Centric’s expertise. Cognex specializes in advanced machine vision software, while Spectrum excels in automation conveyor belt systems. The event provided an ideal platform to showcase their innovations in logistics and automation.

The challenge emerged from the need to merge these diverse offerings into a coherent, shared space. Two separate stands were purchased side by side, and Expo Centric was entrusted with the task of integrating them seamlessly. While Spectrum’s stand design was straightforward, its size and a large conveyor presented on-site challenges. Cognex, on the other hand, faced communication hiccups during the design process due to fragmented feedback.

Expo Centric’s solution harmoniously united both brands’ visions. The integrated stand featured uniform flooring, coordinated color schemes, and distinct branding elements. A central tower showcased products and branding from Cognex and Spectrum, with hanging banners and multiple TV screens enhancing visual impact. The stands effectively conveyed the essence of each brand’s solutions while maintaining individual identities.

Through Expo Centric’s clever modular design, the stands were erected swiftly on-site, allowing the companies more time to perfect their product displays. Despite the initial challenges, the collaborative effort resulted in a standout presence at CeMAT 2023, capturing the attention of attendees and emphasizing Expo Centric’s ability to seamlessly merge different brands’ offerings into a unified exhibition space.

The success of these six stands doesn’t finish with the event being over. Expo Centric has received a testimonial from each of the companies reiterating the incredible design and logistics that has gone into each exhibition.

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