Retail activation

Win the retail war with attention-grabbing retail activations

Expo Centric is one of Australia’s premier retail marketing companies. We design and install retail activations that increase brand visibility and attract customers with purchase intent.

Retail is a very competitive space, so if you want to win new customers and drive conversion rates, you need to invest in high-quality marketing. Retail activations are highly effective, whether for small business outlets or big department stores, because they attract eyeballs and leave lasting impressions. 

Effective retail activations are proven to increase purchase intent among customers. Brands across Australia in industries ranging from consumer electronics to fashion, use our retail activation services to attract more consumers and make more sales. 

Shopping centre activations

A shopping centre is a prime location for a retail activation, because there’s lots of foot traffic and people are in a buying mood. 

The shopping centre has also evolved to become a social playground, offering a wide variety of opportunities to entertain and engage with your customers at a location that isn’t just a retail environment; it’s a place for your brand to leave a lasting impression.

It pays to be strategic about where you place your retail activation. If you want maximum brand exposure, being the centre of attention in high-traffic aisles can yield extraordinary results. Each shopping centre is unique and has its own nuances to consider, but with the right strategy, you can place your brand in front of ready-to-engage consumers and you’ll reach shoppers at a critical time in their purchase journey.

We help brands develop shopping centre and retail activations that attract and engage customers and generate return-on-investment.

Brand activations

Expo Centric activates brands by employing a data-led approach to help clients attract consumers at critical points on their purchase journey. 

Brand activations are particularly effective in a mass retail setting, because visitors want to do more than just shop: they want an experience. But they can also work well in outdoor malls and even street settings, provided they give consumers an interesting way to interact with the brand.

We can help you with every aspect of a retail brand activation campaign, making it a fully integrated initiative that your company can easily roll out.

Point of sale (POS) marketing & design

Which section of your store has the most daily retail interactions? Point of sale (POS) marketing can help your store sell more items to more shoppers.

With the right marketing strategy and POS design, you can ensure that your customers have a great experience at checkout while your business generates more sales. 

Expo Centric has designed thousands of POS displays for retail stores across Australia, and we can help you succeed with POS marketing, whether it’s with one specific project or an ongoing store campaign.

Retail kiosks

You know how when you visit a shopping centre, your eyes always seem to get drawn to the retail kiosks? Well, you’re not the only one. Other consumers are also drawn to them, because they stand out and they’re so accessible.

Retail kiosks are a great way to connect with shoppers, promote specific services, build brand awareness and make more sales. 

Expo Centric offers an end-to-end retail kiosk service that includes manufacturing, transportation, installation and even specialised marketing insights. We build functional, durable kiosks that can last for years on end.

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