Conference management​

Conference management

If you want to position your company as an industry leader, conferences need to be part of your marketing strategy. Running a successful event will not only help your company stand out in a very crowded market, but will also give your sales team numerous leads.

Corporate events are notoriously hard to organise, so it’s important to partner with professional conference organisers like Expo Centric. We’re known for our conference expertise, having run hybrid events, exhibitions, trade shows and seminars for clients all over Australia. We’re also a one-stop shop for conference clients, with our conference management covering everything from strategy and planning to catering and event management. 

No matter your industry or the type of clients you’d like to attract to your conference, you need to take an experiential approach to the event. That means creating a program where attendees are deeply engaged and even have the chance to participate in some form. If you do that, your guests will be blown away, and you’ll be much more likely to meet your conference objectives.

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Bringing people together

Conferences are a popular marketing initiative for organisations all over Australia, in industries ranging from finance, law, construction and property to IT, manufacturing, healthcare and government. They’re a great way to position your organisation as a thought leader and to generate new business development opportunities. An experienced conference organiser like Expo Centric can provide you with the personalised service you need to host a successful event.

Details around logistics

Organising a conference is a vast, complex exercise in logistics. The event managers need to find catering suppliers, prepare the venue, confirm the AV technology is up to scratch, book speakers and delegates, organise the program, prepare breakout meetings and functions, and oversee the invitation and registration process. The event management team also needs to make sure that the conference aligns with the vision, values, budget and even carbon footprint of the host business.

Having run successful conferences for clients all over Australia, partnering with an experienced conference organiser like Expo Centric will ensure your event goes off without a hitch. 


Hosting a conference can be an incredible marketing and business opportunity. You can position your company as an industry thought leader, generate leads, attract positive media coverage, collect data about your guests, build relationships with potential clients and referral partners (by giving them roles as keynote speakers and panel guests) and even make an immediate profit (if you secure sponsorship for your event).

Conference visitors will also benefit from the opportunity to learn new ideas, network with people from a variety of backgrounds and potentially pick up new clients themselves.

Frequently asked questions

There are numerous benefits to hosting in-person and hybrid events. First, you can position your organisation as an industry leader. Second, you can build relationships with whoever you choose to appear as speakers and panellists. Third, you can collect data on attendees and then contact them after the conference if they seem like your ideal customer. Fourth, you can use events as a way to attract free media coverage. Fifth, you can generate lots of quality content for your social media team. Sixth, you can earn revenue by finding sponsorship partners for your event.

While a successful conference can deliver incredible sales and marketing benefits, an unsuccessful event can be a waste of time and money. To avoid that mistake, you need to avoid three big traps. First, organising the event yourself or partnering with an event management team with minimal experience will probably end in disaster, because events are incredibly complex operations that are hard to get right. Second, choosing the wrong event theme will make it hard for you to attract visitors. Third, not checking the audio-visual technology or skimping on AV gear will result in a bad experience for attendees.

Conferences are suitable for businesses and not-for-profit organisations that want to discuss ideas, share knowledge and position themselves as future-facing organisations, while also creating sales opportunities. If you tick those boxes, conferences are suitable for you, whether you work in finance, technology, healthcare, education, mining, government, the environment or any other sector.

Expo Centric is an award-winning event management specialist, who specialise in organising events for organisations throughout Australia. So we have the expertise and planning skills to ensure your conference is a big success.

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