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Virtual reality exhibitions are an incredible way to attract an audience to your exhibition space. Go to any exhibition and you’ll notice that the stands with the VR exhibitions tend to be teeming with excited visitors. Once potential clients step into your virtual space, they’ll engage with your brand in a way that’s just not possible with traditional marketing. That’s why exhibitions are investing in this innovative form of technology. Of course, virtual content is simple to reuse. It’s also easy to update, which means you can tailor your VR exhibitions to suit different audiences and spaces.

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VR exhibitions

Choose from three different types of modern virtual reality experiences. See below.

Virtual exhibitions & environments

Virtual reality exhibitions offer an incredible opportunity for your brand to stand out. In the future, everyone will be doing VR exhibitions, but right now, VR is still an uncrowded marketing space. You can use your virtual world to highlight your products and engage with clients in a way that’s just not possible in real life. VR technology is much more accessible than you might think. If you want to get people talking about your brand, our virtual exhibition platform is a great way to do it.

Digital twin

Digital twins are digital recreations of real-life settings, such as your showroom, manufacturing plant or facility (or more famously, Google Street View). Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can now turn these physical spaces into immersive and interactive digital copies that potential customers will just love to explore. Your digital twins can be full of educational content for visitors to sample, such as video, downloadable PDFs and links to external web pages. They can also include strong calls-to-action. Digital twins can be live on your website and accessible 24/7, for both a local and global audience. As you can see, digital twins have mind blowing marketing potential.

3D product demonstration

The best way to make people understand your products is not to tell them, but to show them. That’s where technical 3D product demonstrations come in. This is another technology that will be standard in the future but is currently an uncrowded marketing space. With technical 3D product demonstrations, you can take customers inside your products, to show them cross-sections and inner details. They can also see for themselves exactly how your products work. Virtual reality experiences are only limited by your imagination.


Give your customers an incredible experience

We design interactive virtual reality experiences that bring your products to life and help your brand tell its story.



Our design team can build you a realistic, interactive VR world that visitors will love to explore.



This is a flexible, ultra-modern experience that combines remote digital elements with live, in-person environments.



Live experiences can be enhanced by a multitude of virtual reality experiences, creating higher levels of immersion and connection.

Frequently asked questions

Virtual reality, or VR, is a simulated, computer-generated environment. Users access this virtual world by putting on VR Goggles. These days, VR is so realistic and interactive that some people liken it to a form of art. That’s because when you explore this digital world, it really feels like you’re actually there. Virtual reality technology is increasingly being used by brands, retail outlets and live exhibitions.

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or place, such as a machine or factory. Companies use digital twins for their marketing, as a way to demonstrate their products or give customers behind-the-scenes tours of their facilities.

Businesses can adopt VR technology at exhibitions, as a way of attracting visitors to your space. Once there, you can give them VR Goggles that allow them to enter a virtual world, where you get to control the story. You can also use VR to create digital twins of your showroom or factory, so customers can interact with your brand. Another way to use virtual reality technology is through 3D product demonstrations, where customers can see your products in action and physically look inside them.

VR technology is very well suited to any business or exhibition display that has something physical to show potential customers. For example, a property developer could let buyers ‘walk’ around one of their homes; a car dealer could let consumers walk around a virtual factory as cars are being built; a travel company could transport someone interested in Italy to a ‘live’ gladiator contest in the Colosseum.

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