Case Study: Boehringer (Animal) at Cat & Dog Lovers Festival Sydney 2023

The Company:

Boehringer Ingelheim is a global pharmaceutical company specializing in research, development, and manufacturing of medications and vaccines for humans and animals. Their animal health division, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, is known for producing high-quality pet health products, including NexGard, a leading brand in parasite protection for pets.

The Event:

Boehringer Ingelheim simultaneously participated in the Sydney Cat Lovers Festival and Dog Lovers Festival. The festival provides a platform for dog and cat lovers to engage with various brands, products, and services related to their furry companions.

The Brief:

Whilst their stands were at the same show, the briefs for the two shows varied pending their strategies. The Cat Lovers stand was a brand awareness exercise, driving hype for their upcoming product launch. The challenge for the Cat Lovers stand was to design a visually appealing and interactive exhibit despite the unique curved tunnel layout. The Dog Lovers stand retained a design similar to one previously used by Boehringer Ingelheim. It incorporated an efficient layout and moved away from astroturf, aligning with the brand’s evolving preferences.

The Build:

The Boehringer Ingelheim team collaborated with ExpoCentric to create two distinct stands tailored to the preferences of cat and dog enthusiasts. The Cat Lovers stand featured a full-print design with intricate graphics that accommodated the curved tunnel layout. The centerpiece was a curved tunnel allowing access from three sides, along with a photo wall to encourage visitors to take pictures. The stand also incorporated a QR code registration system for visitors interested in receiving more information about upcoming NexGard products.

The Dog Lovers stand design process focused on a minimalistic aesthetic, integrating a distinct bulkhead to delineate the stand’s boundaries and create a welcoming entrance. The centerpiece, an attention-grabbing LED screen, was strategically positioned to engage visitors with vibrant visuals and essential product information. Throughout the build, meticulous attention was paid to promoting easy navigation and interaction, underlined by the strategic placement of information pillars enriched with captivating graphics and concise text. 

The Challenges:

The main challenge for the Cat Lovers stand was to effectively design the graphics for the curved tunnel layout. Unlike the Dog Lovers’ stand, the cat stand did not have a service window for product sampling. Additionally, the challenge was to convey the message of a new product without having physical samples available. The team needed to create an engaging and informative experience despite these limitations.

The Dog Lovers stand, in contrast, faced fewer challenges. Its minimalistic design with bulkhead and LED screen was efficient and straightforward. The incorporation of QR codes on information pillars and a service window for sampling facilitated easy navigation and interaction. The stand was strategically designed to ensure smooth traffic flow.

The Features:

The NexGard Cat Lovers stand was designed with a range of distinctive features that aimed to captivate the attention of festival attendees. One of the standout elements was the ingenious curved tunnel layout, which not only provided a visually striking aesthetic but also allowed visitors to access the stand from multiple sides, creating a unique and immersive experience. Adjacent to this, a captivating photo wall was strategically positioned, encouraging visitors to engage and interact with the brand by taking memorable snapshots that could be shared on social media platforms, thereby extending the brand’s reach beyond the physical event space. 

Another pivotal aspect of the cat lovers’ stand was the integration of QR code registration. This innovative feature served as a bridge for visitors interested in delving deeper into NexGard’s new product, enabling them to effortlessly access more information about the product and the brand itself. The creative graphics woven into the stand’s design played a crucial role in adapting to the curved structure, offering a seamless and visually cohesive representation of the NexGard brand. Additionally, the stand featured thoughtful giveaways in the form of branded keep cups, not only solidifying the brand’s presence in attendees’ minds but also providing them with tangible souvenirs to take home. In essence, the Cat Lovers’ stand encompassed a holistic approach to engagement, merging aesthetics, interaction, and information dissemination into a harmonious whole.

The Dog Lovers exhibition stand for Boehringer Ingelheim’s NexGard stand exemplified a sleek and functional design. A minimalist approach was embraced, featuring a clearly defined bulkhead and a captivating LED screen that showcased dynamic visuals and crucial product information. A standout feature was the service window, serving both as a distribution point for NexGard product samples and as a storage area for promotional materials. Interactive QR codes strategically placed across the stand facilitated easy access to detailed information, and well-positioned information pillars provided in-depth insights into NexGard products. The stand’s layout prioritized seamless traffic flow, guiding visitors effortlessly through various sections, while brand consistency and user-friendly interaction remained paramount. Additionally, the stand’s adaptability was showcased through its potential for repurposing in future events.

In essence, the Dog Lovers’ stand not only succeeded in creating a visually appealing space but also effectively engaged visitors with a combination of practical features. From product sampling at the service window to interactive QR codes and informative pillars, the stand offered a comprehensive experience. Its streamlined design, along with its forward-thinking potential for repurposing, made it a standout presence at the Dog Lovers Festival and underscored Boehringer Ingelheim’s commitment to engaging with pet owners in innovative and meaningful ways.

The Result:

Both the Cat and Dog Lovers stands successfully garnered the attention and engagement of the attendees. The Cat Lovers stand’s unique design elements, such as the curved tunnel and photo wall, captured the interest of festival attendees, encouraging them to explore the stand and interact with the brand. The QR code registration system facilitated lead generation, enabling Boehringer Ingelheim to establish connections with potential customers interested in their upcoming products. The giveaways, like keep cups, helped in reinforcing brand recall.

A satisfied Boehringer Ingelheim representative praised the Expo Centric’s creation of the Dog Lovers’ stand’s functionality and design. The stand’s effectiveness was evident in its reuse for an upcoming event in Melbourne. A testimonial highlighting the stand’s success and its contribution to an outstanding event experience can be viewed here.

In summary, Boehringer Ingelheim’s NexGard exhibition stands at the Sydney Cat Lovers Festival and Dog Lovers Festival showcased creative solutions for engaging with pet lovers. Both stands effectively communicated the brand’s message and created memorable interactions with festival attendees. The success of these stands not only reinforced brand awareness but also set the stage for future events, such as the one planned for Brisbane in 2024.

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