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Introducing AirClad, the future of portable event spaces.

High-performance structures delivering architectural-quality spaces like no other.

AirClad is a uniquely designed system, producing 100% reusable event structures, that are referred to as ‘fast architecture’. Fast in terms of speed, ease of deployment and training. They bring a whole new level of efficiency to creative project planning and development of specialist schemes.

High performance event architecture

Designed to go anywhere

AirClad systems are designed to maximise the efficiency of materials in production and to be 100% reusable from event to event. Every aspect of the AirClad System has been refined and engineered to minimise the amount of material used and to maximise strength and durability, to create enduring designs. The AirClad EXPRO system has been refined and edited to be intuitive, fast and safe to operate over and over again, in almost any location.
AirClad components are naturally suited to being refurbished and upgraded with new finishes. This keeps AirClad products up-to-date with current needs without wasteful heavy reinvestments.Complete with integrated lighting and uniquely designed features for wall- mounted accessories and graphics, the interior space is open-plan and ready for an interior fit out.
Every element of an AirClad can be repaired. Each part is fully demountable to the individual components, making repairs fast and cost effective. AirClad Systems are designed and engineered to be rebuilt over and over again. The AirClad EXPRO system has been refined and edited to be intuitive, fast and safe to operate over and over again, in almost any location.
In extreme cases, where it’s not be possible to repair or reuse a AirClad System component, they can all be fully recycled. All new AirClad constructions use recycled materials where possible and our aim is to be 100% recycled by 2025.
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AirClad options

OIO & Other

AirClad XIP

The XIP is a double height modular system designed to take your events to a whole new level. The internal space can be configured with an internal mezzanine or left open to enjoy the 6m high, two-storey space.

The XIP is Designed for maximum efficiency in production, with details that negate the need for nuts and bolts in assembly. The core XIP package includes all parts required to assemble a sealed, secure space, ready for interior fit out.

AirClad XPO

The XPO is the most popular single-storey modular AirClad system. It delivers unmatched functionality with awe-inspiring results. It provides the ultimate platform for people to experience your brand and inspires them to be a part of it.

Designed for maximum efficiency in production, with design details that negate the need for nuts and bolts, the XPO is easy to assemble and efficient to transport, providing the ideal mobile architecture for events.

AirClad XDEK

The XDEK  is an open-terrace, modular decking system with multi-position access stairs, constructed from anodised aluminium. It commands any space to distinguish your brand whilst offering your guests a unique perspective.

Branded banners and flags can be mounted to the hand rails around the upper deck to showcase your brand. The XDEK can be used as a portable event space or set up and left permanently virtually anywhere.

AirClad XTRL

The AirClad XTRL is a mobile, trailer- mounted version of the XPO6 and is ideally suited to touring events where a pre-built solution is required. This 2.5m wide by 6m long trailer is capable of being be towed by any 3500kg load approved vehicle.

Complete with integrated lighting and uniquely designed features for wall- mounted accessories and graphics, the interior space is open-plan and ready for an interior fit out.


This go-anywhere, pop-up kiosk turns heads wherever it’s used. The YUMI is easily branded to take on any identity and looks great while serving your brand.

The YUMI is the perfect pop-up kiosk or serving station for any event. It’s simple, stylish front fascia and clean lines give a distinctive, graphic look – complementing any brand, product or service.


The EXPRESS System OiO is a versatile space that reflects today’s demands for flexible working, meetings and events. 

Although OiO was developed in response to growing demand for mobile offices and adaptable work spaces, its uses are unlimited and to date has been deployed as everything from presentation display spaces, to mobile hair salons. Ready to make it your own?


Convert your Airclad X structure into a portable retail experience! The future of mobile and event retail comes nicely packaged with the brand new addition of XPLAY. Three plug and play shop fit systems specifically designed and engineered to work with Airclad X.

The sustainable shop-fit systems have been designed to be reconfigured as you need before, after and during an event. Quick assembly and simple to use.

AirClad XDEK + XPO
AirClad XPO
Sky Sports
AirClad XDEK
AirClad XIP
AirClad XPO
Information booth
AirClad YUMI
AirClad XTRL

How AirClad is Superior

Lightweight, fast and easy to install. The ultimate platform for great events every time.


The AirClad system comprises a SpaceFrame, typically produced from co-extruded aluminium box-section and keder rail. The SpaceFrame is held together with steel CrossBracing, which slides into the AirClad Puck system.


All-over or partially printed branded air-tension membranes wrap around the SpaceFrame by sliding through the keder rails. The AirCells are secured evenly in place at each end with a final CrossBrace.

Pressurised AirCells

The AirCells are pressurised to a controlled level to bring the whole form into tension. This creates a monocoque tensile structure, uniquely strong in the way it transfers and absorbs forces.

No Ground Fixings

Due to the monocoque tensile technology AirClad structures are uniquely strong to transfer and absorb forces. Due to this engineering, virtually all AirClad structures require no ground fixings.

Cassette System Flooring

A cassette system flooring has been developed to suit the AirClad 2.5m grid. The pre-built flooring panels drop into place, fixing to each other without the need for screws or bolts.


The Fascias are flush mounted onto the end SpaceFrame with exterior fixing pucks. Sliding or hinging doors finish off the appearance with access ramps, allowing everyone to enjoy AirClad.

Customise to suit your needs

The AirClad has unparalleled potential to be branded and personalised to achieve a wide range of looks and functions.

The size, shape and height of the AirClad structure can be custom made to your requirements, and branding options are limitless.

Ready to make it your own?

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