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Creating unforgettable corporate events

We’re an experienced, award-winning event management company that can help you make a big impact with your next event. Whether it is a global conference, national seminar, gala dinner or corporate lunch, our event organisers specialise in creating amazing events.

Organising an event is too hard and time-consuming to do on your own. Our creative team puts on innovative events Australia-wide. We can take care of the entire process for you, from venue sourcing and event styling to registration management and entertainment, so your event is a big success.

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Corporate events

We create iconic events​

Corporate event management​

Our corporate event planners aim to create the best corporate events in Australia, from multi-day conferences to spectacular gala dinners.

We offer a complete corporate event management service that can be tailored to your unique requirements. Whatever your objective, we have the planning experience and resources to make your corporate event a success. That includes: 

Create an experience​

The best events engage audiences on an emotional level. Our corporate event production services are built around helping you deliver a memorable event.

We work with you through discovery, ideation, storyboarding, content development, design, production, logistics, installation and maintenance.

Where else can you create a buzz, deliver information and find real-time feedback all within one location? We help brands accomplish major marketing goals with events that get results.

Frequently asked questions

Corporate events can include conferences, Christmas parties, gala dinner nights, executive dinners, exhibitions, awards nights, product launches, roadshows, trade shows, supplier demonstrations, team-building events, training workshops, charity events and networking events.

The best corporate events are those that show the organisers in the best possible light and help them achieve their sales, marketing or engagement goals. That’s why specialist event management companies, like Expo Centric, are so meticulous in the way they plan events.

It is incredibly difficult to organise corporate events, because they’re complex operations that involve numerous moving parts. Amateurs who believe they can run a successful event almost always fail, because they don’t realise, until it’s too late, how difficult and time-consuming it is to organise an event. Event management and event planning experience are incredibly valuable. That’s why if you’re interested in hosting a corporate event, it makes sense to partner with specialist corporate event planners, like Expo Centric.

Expo Centric is an award-winning corporate event planner whose special events team has hosted countless corporate events throughout Australia. Our highly skilled team are dedicated, passionate and have years of event planning and event management experience. Expo Centric has built a strong reputation for its event management services.

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