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Retail kiosks can be found at almost any shopping centre in the world because retailers know they can be a fantastic way to attract customers and make sales in competitive retail environments.

Kiosks can be marketing vehicles that can be there for a short period or they can be semi-permanent stalls that can be around for years as a functional shop. Either way, the outcome is the same: an exceptional experience for your customers and tangible results for your brand.   

Expo Centric is Australia’s leading kiosk design specialists, kiosk manufacturers and kiosk suppliers. We can provide an end-to-end service for your company including design, manufacturing, and installation. This might be a one-off installation, a prototype that could be rolled out in bulk if it proves successful or a mass roll-out in shopping centres across the country.

Kiosk design is arguably the most important part of the process. Our designers have completed numerous beautiful kiosks over the years from startups to high-profile brands, so we have the experience to handle your project whatever your budget might be. We can work within your vision, or we can suggest our own kiosk design concepts.

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A great kiosk design stands out from the crowd

If you want to attract attention in busy shopping centres, you need a kiosk that is both eye-catching and perfectly suited to the space it occupies. It can be a mistake to choose an off-the-shelf kiosk; instead you want to work with a kiosk design team that can create unique kiosks that are not only customised to your tastes but will also meet the specifications of shopping centres. Expo Centric has designed kiosks for clients throughout Australia and across the globe. Our kiosks are durable and practical enough to be used for years.

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End to end kiosk services

Expo Centric offers end-to-end kiosk services, from kiosk design and build to delivery and installation. Our designers have the industry knowledge and experience to custom design a unique kiosk that will appeal to customers and enhance your brand. We also take care of the project management, so you can be confident your kiosk will arrive on time and to specification. In other words, we’ll take care of all the details, large and small.

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Frequently asked questions

A retail kiosk is a small, temporary shop that can be found in any shopping centre and outdoor mall throughout Australia and the world. Ideally, they should have a unique, custom design and be located in areas with high foot traffic, so you can promote your brand and generate a return on investment.

The cost of installing kiosks differs from job to job, depending on the size of the kiosk, the shopping centre location in Australia and the technical complexity of the installation. Our friendly team will be happy to give you a quote up front, so you can decide if investing in a kiosk is the right decision for your company.

Done correctly, investing in kiosks can be a really profitable exercise. If you find a landlord with surplus space, you can rent the kiosk area for a relatively low price. If you sell products that are in demand, you can turn over a lot of stock. And if you partner with a specialist kiosk designer, like Expo Centric, you can be confident your shop will attract foot traffic and have the shelf life you’re looking for. That’s why brands throughout Australia invest in retail kiosks.

It’s very hard to design and build kiosks, because it’s a specialised type of manufacturing with a host of technical challenges. That’s why you want to make sure your kiosk partner is a company that has a great deal of experience designing and building kiosks – and has the portfolio to prove it.

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