Shopping centre activations

These days, when consumers visit shopping centres, they’re looking for more than just brands and products – they’re looking for memorable and engaging experiences. The shopping centre has become a social playground which offers opportunities for next-level retail activations that provide both immediate and lasting commercial outcomes for brands

Expo Centric has created brand activations for companies throughout Australia. We have a strong track record in producing short-term campaigns that deliver maximum results. We can also design an activation for you – one that will help you increase community engagement, boost your brand equity and fit within your shopping centre’s regulations.

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Immersive shopping centre activations

High levels of community engagement can be achieved by aligning your brand with memorable and enjoyable experiences. Immersive experiential marketing in shopping centres blends the modern consumer’s expectation of being entertained with a brand’s goals and intended outcomes.

Creating immersive environments in retail spaces is what we do best. Our world-class design team creates sensory experiences, turning a marketing activity into an attractive showpiece that not only provides short-term return-on-investment but leaves customers with lasting impressions of your brand.

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Activation outcomes

Your brand is unique and so are the outcomes by which you judge the success of a shopping centre activation: longer engagement at your stand leading to higher spend; repeat visits; total foot traffic; levels of engagement; and increased brand loyalty can all be expected from a successful activation. 

We assist brands in developing shopping centre activations that work.

Expocentric’s shopping centre campaigns​

Frequently asked questions

Shopping centre activations are marketing campaigns that involve direct contact between the brand and its customers. These might include handing out free product samples, holding a quick competition contest in which shoppers can win prizes or giving shoppers the chance to participate in a virtual reality experience.

Activations in retail stores often attract a lot of foot traffic, so the first benefit is that you should get access to more potential customers. Another benefit is that you get to create an emotional connection with your audience. Shopping centre activations are also a chance to gather valuable customer data (by asking for their contact details) and feedback (by asking for their opinion). Finally, retail activations give your brand the chance to stand out in a crowded market.

Activations that provide consumers with memorable and enjoyable experiences can be run successfully at any time of the year, though they’re particularly valuable for celebrated calendar events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Chinese New Year or any other event that’s important for your brand.

Expo Centric is an award-winning company that has created successful pop-up activations for brands and retail centres throughout Australia. We can create an activation tailored to your audience and budget.

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