Roadshows & promotional trailers

Roadshows & promotional trailers​

Roadshows and roadshow activations are incredible marketing opportunities because they give your brand the chance to connect directly with your target audience.

If you want your roadshow to achieve success, you need to embrace modern experiential marketing. That means creating experiences that attract customers and let your brand showcase its products and personality. That could mean anything from product displays and street events to branded cars and promotional trailers.

Mobile promotional trailers are an increasingly popular form of roadshow advertising because they let you create a custom space where you can engage with customers – before moving the promotional trailer to a different location, where it can be exhibited in its current form or redesigned for a different audience.

Expo Centric’s state-of-the-art solutions include Optimus, an expandable mobile showcase, and Airclad XTRL, a mobile architectural system for portable event spaces.

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Promotional trailers – design

Expo Centric has developed a reputation for its high-quality promotional trailers. These promotional trailers are reliable in all weather conditions. They’re designed to be configured to your specific needs and customised with your branding. Our goal is to not only help you attract foot traffic, but also make it easy for you to interact with clients.

Promotional trailers – purpose

There are two ways your company can use promotional trailers. The first is as a standalone event to generate some extra sale activity. The second is as part of a holistic marketing campaign, with your on-site event being just one element in a broader marketing strategy. Either way, it’s important to use a high-quality trailer and to create a memorable experience for your audience.

Portable events

We make events portable

Our expert logistic and creative teams work with you from conception to delivery. We plan, organise and deliver roadshow management that fulfils your objectives and extends your activation shelf life.

AirClad XPO
AirClad XPO
AirClad XPO
Information booth
AirClad YUMI
AirClad XTRL
Cannon Experience Tour
Optimus Trailer
Renault Green Tour
Optimus Container

Portable event architecture

As well as standard roadshow offerings, we also exclusively offer a range of high-performance event structures to enhance your brand activation.

Airclad XTRL

The AirClad XTRL is a mobile, trailer-mounted version of the XPO6 and is ideally suited to touring events where a pre-built solution is required. This 2.5m x 6m trailer is capable of being towed by any 3500kg load-approved vehicle.

Complete with integrated lighting and uniquely designed features for wall-mounted accessories and graphics, the interior space is open-plan and ready for an interior fit-out.


This premium expandable roadshow vehicle can be set up in a few minutes by just one person, so you can quickly manufacture a custom marketing experience. Optimus can be transported using standardised trucking equipment and expands by nearly double once stationed. With a high-end look and feel, it will help your brand achieve premium results and wow your clients.

Promotional trailers

Frequently asked questions

A roadshow is a promotional campaign that travels to different locations. Roadshows may include anything from seminars and street events to product launches and mobile brand activations. The best roadshows tend to use experiential marketing, as a way to attract attention and engage customers. Expo Centric’s roadshow services are one of the most popular solutions we offer our clients.

No matter what your industry, a roadshow gives you the chance to promote your brand in an innovative way, stand out from your rivals, meet more customers and collect feedback from your target audience. That’s why so many brands invest in roadshow marketing.

A promotional trailer is a mobile showroom that can be taken to different locations, adorned with your branding and reconfigured for different audiences. It’s one of the most effective types of advertising your business could do.

Expo Centric supplies high-quality promotional trailers that look professional, are easy to customise and reliable in all weather conditions. Your business can use our promotional trailers to create high-impact experiential marketing campaigns.

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