Case Study: Pinz at Super Expo 2023


Pinz is a leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial blind and shade products. Using a range of fabrics including PVC, canvas, synthetics, and meshes, they also produce an increasing range of specialised products for several industries such as defense, medical, and automotive. 

Pinz began operations in the early 80’s by designing and producing high-quality, made-to-order sewn products for a small local market in suburban Adelaide. Now, their products have helped save lives in ocean rescues with the Royal Australian Air Force and their medical and home leisure products have enhanced the quality of life of many Australians.


SuperExpo2023 is a trade-only event showcasing the latest fabrics, textiles, components, and equipment for the window furnishing and specialised textiles industries. The exhibition was open to the public and took place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on June 7-9, 2023. 

Over a hundred companies from all over Australia joined the event as exhibitors to showcase their products and connect with other industry players. The event had several learning programs that allowed participants to engage in workshops, seminars, and social dinners over the course of the three-day event.


Pinz has collaborated with Expo Centric for their exhibition stand back in 2019. They were happy with the design of their previous stand as well as the results they generated—it was sleek, simple, and optimised for product demonstrations.

In 2023, they wanted a more visual impact and a bigger space for attendees to see their wide range of offerings and information on display. They underscored the detail of strategically having ample space for foot traffic while demonstrating their products. They also opted for a warmer, more welcoming vibe to accommodate more people in their stand. These design choices align with their mission of being a customer-focused company that listens to their customers, works closely with them, and gives them great service. 


Taking note of these requests, Expo Centric worked with the Pinz staff to bring the stand to life. They occupied two floor spaces—the right side was dedicated to demonstrating their actual product offerings, and the left side was for showing photos of how these products are practically used in their client’s homes and spaces. The left side also had an array of furniture such as shelves for storage and tables and stools to comfortably accommodate client inquiries. 


Pinz’s stand maximised every area of their space for product awareness and customer service. A rigged banner with the Pinz logo and branding stood out in the exhibition space. Ushering in attendees was a 9-foot archway with its wall adorned by Pinz’s glowing logo in its signature red and white color. On the side of the arch were white planters, welcoming greenery, and branding photos. Upon entering through the archway, guests will see a big 9 x 5” LED wall showcasing product photos in practical settings, and several tables and stools for lounging and client inquiries. There was also an interactive touch screen here to engage guests as they got to know more about Pinz’s story and products. 

This visually busy side of the stand also had a storage backroom so the Pinz staff could have a safe space to store their products, collaterals, and personal belongings. The storage was grey in color but had Pinz’s logo in red to still add a touch of branding even on the back side of the stand. On top of the whole stand was a rigged banner with the Pinz logo and branding, effectively making it stand out in the exhibition space. 

Enticing the audience to come to the opposite side of the stand were the red carpet tiles. These red tiles filled the blank space eloquently—dividing the two sides spatially and making room for foot traffic, while also unifying the whole stand through the clever use of Pinz’s brand color. 

An Aluvision back wall in white stood on the opposite side from the archway to display Pinz’s products in different sizes. This wall had to be big enough to showcase product demonstrations to attendees, perfectly showing Pinz’s dedication to giving excellent products and services to their customers. 


Pinz had a successful three-days at the Super Expo 2023. Their stand effectively displayed their incredible products while providing a warm, relaxed, and wonderful brand experience. With the help of Expo Centric in strategic design and dynamic setup, they were able to welcome patrons, collaborators, and future leads into their stand. This helped further boost their brand image and establish themselves as one of the leading manufacturers in the window furnishing and specialised textiles industries.

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