Case Study: Tektonic at ADX 2022

Tektonic wanted to rock and roll at ADX, and Rock ‘N’ Roll they did.

Stepping away from the traditional expo stand, Tektonic turned up the volume at the Australian Dental Expo in March at the ICC.

The Australian Dental Expo brings together the nation’s dental community to see more, buy more, and learn more. Visitors experience the latest innovations, technologies and techniques as well as network with professionals from across the dental industry. 

SPARX sits at the forefront of the dental technology industry and was ready to make an impact launching their latest brand and product – Tektonic. 

The Sound Check (aka The Brief)

SPARX’s presence at ADX was to encompass two brands, but unify them under one stand.

The brief was simple; “make it rock and roll”. SPARX and Tektonic wanted to transport visitors from the moment they entered ADX to a concert. The aim was to take them away from the traditional clinical white, and present them with colour and action. 

With full creative licence and inspiration to work from, the Expo Centric team were left to do what they do best – create a stand that makes an impact. 

The Main Act (aka The Purpose)

The SPARX & Tektonic stand encompassed five outstanding features to set them apart from other exhibitors.

1. One Stand. Two Brands. 

Unlike other brands at the show, SPARX and Tektonic wanted one stand that would showcase two separate companies. 

To create delineation, Expo Centric built the two brands back to back with the addition of different coloured flooring as a point of difference. The engagement and usage of space within the stands meant the two companies could conduct different activations, whilst utilising staff between the two.

2. Rigging (fit for a concert). 

They asked, and Expo Centric delivered. The rigging supplied for this stand was something from a rock concert. A diagonally rigged roof was positioned on top of the stand, unifying the two brands. 

The roofing was vibrantly back lit with a blue hue contrasting them from the sterile white seen throughout the expo.

Halos illuminated with lights were also hung amongst the stand creating depth and a different dimension to the experience. 

3. Staging. 

Like every rock concert a stage was built, being an unusual yet impactful addition to this stand. Formed a heptagon shape to reflect their brand identity. The stage created elevation throughout the stand, without impacting the remaining space for visitors to step in to.  The stage provided a platform for education, integration and engagement, setting Tektonic apart from other exhibitors.

4. Live demonstrations

There’s no concert without the talent, and the live demonstrations did not disappoint. Being a new product and brand to the market, the live demonstrations allowed experts to showcase the features of Tektonic. Demonstrations played a critical role in engagement and education for visitors throughout the weekend. 

5. LED Screens. 

Lights, camera, action. A 3.5m x 2m LED screen was embedded into the dividing wall of the stand. Not only an impactful presence to showcase looped branding and powerpoints, the screens also provided a live stream of the demonstrations from the stage. 

Visitors could experience visibility of demonstrations from any area of the stand, eliminating the need to overcrowd. 

The Rehearsals & Back-Up Acts (aka The Challenges & Solutions)

With all good concerts come challenges, and Expo Centric took the SPARX and Tektonic challenges in their stride. 

Working both internally and with the client, the solutions not only solved their challenges but further enhanced their stand. 

There were two key challenges experienced through the stand build. 

Noise Pollution. Although rock concerts are meant to be noisy, this concert needed to be considerate of the many exhibitors surrounding them. This posed a problem with the demonstrations. Being on stage, having a sizable stand and being positioned within an open area meant the volume of the demonstrations would need to be loud enough to be heard, but not loud enough to create noise pollution for other exhibitors. 

En-trend and in line with parties across Australia, Expo Centric channelled their inner silent-disco and took it to ADX. Connecting headphones to the demonstrator’s microphone, visitors could pick up a set from the Tektonic stand to watch and listen to the demonstration being provided. Subsequently, Tektonic were providing informative sessions throughout the event days with all visitors being able to hear if they choose, and without other exhibitors being negatively impacted. 

LED Screen Performance. The LED screen wasn’t built just to look pretty. It hosted three primary purposes; first to display a live feed of the demonstrations, second to showcase one of their powerpoint presentations, and third to play a company video on loop between live performances. With a number of different uses, the usual “clicker” would not suffice. 

This solution came from our tech-heads. The LED Screen required three inputs which couldn’t be activated by a “clicker”. The Expo Centric tech team worked to connect a source button onto the camera itself to allow the screen to be looped between the content as required.

The Fans (aka the results)

The fans (or attendees as we like to call it), loved the stand. The layout and engagement within the stand garnered a continuous flow of foot traffic throughout the event, ultimately resulting in outstanding brand awareness for Tektonic. 

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