Portable walls & room dividers

Create separate spaces instantly within any room

Do you want to create a special space within a larger room or even build a temporary new room from scratch? Expo Centric can supply you with the portable room dividers and temporary walls you need to redesign an existing space.

You can use our portable partitions to create a dedicated zone within a larger room, or you can use our temporary walls to build a new room within open spaces that are currently going unused.

Our room dividers and portable partitions are both cost-effective and easy to assemble, making them the perfect solution.

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Effective & modular

Effective partition walls & panels

To run a successful exhibition or art expo, it’s not enough just to find a great venue. You also need to organise panels, portable partitions and room dividers.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to properly display the various items or to direct traffic within the available space.

All our solutions for exhibitions and expos are attractive, effective and easy to use.

Take, for example, our portable room dividers. They look good. They feature a closed-cell honeycomb core, which absorbs sound. And they have self-levelling casters for greater manoeuvrability and stability.

Partition & divider uses

See below for different types of divider usage examples. From event booths to schools.

Various events

Whether you’re running a business event or a consumer event, you’ll need to engage with different visitors in different ways. For example, you might want to run a product demonstration for one group of people and conduct an educational seminar for another.

Portable walls and room dividers make it easy to break up large spaces, create meeting rooms and set up breakout areas. That way, you can give different visitors different experiences.

University open days

To run a successful university open day, you need to be able to channel large numbers of people into separate areas. That’s where portable walls, partitions and room dividers come in.

These flexible, lightweight structures are easy to assemble and move. So you can easily create temporary rooms within a lecture theatre or different reception areas within an open courtyard.

Schools & government entities

Expo Centric supplies schools and government entities with portable room dividers that are easy to use and move.

Schools can use room dividers to create separate spaces within halls and other large rooms – for example during exams and open days. Government agencies can use them to receive members of the public – for example during public briefings or registration sessions.

A portable room divider is a cost-effective way to get maximum value from the space you already have.


Our services includes

Expo Centric is an award-winning agency that has built and designed numerous high-quality custom display stands, for exhibitions throughout Australia. Our modular stands are designed for reuse at future events, to help you stretch your budget further. Your return on investment is our priority.


End to end design

From creative concepts, stand graphics, marketing collaterals to 3D renders, our designers are known for their innovative solutions.


Install & dismantle

We have dedicated installation crews located all over Australia, who are experienced experts at installing our products and working to our standards and processes.


Project management

Our project managers work with clients to develop budgets, assure quality, and provide production status updates during a project. We work closely with you, from concept to completion.

Frequently asked questions

A portable wall and a room divider are structures that can be used to break up spaces and create temporary rooms. They're lightweight and easy to move, which means they can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.

Portable partitions, room dividers and temporary walls are designed for organisations and venues that receive large numbers of people, and want to marshall them to different areas and provide them with different experiences. So they're commonly used by events, exhibitions, art expos, trade shows, offices, showrooms, schools, universities and government agencies.

Room dividers are a simple, low-cost way to transform a space. Another benefit is they’re temporary and easy to move, so any changes you make to a space can be easily altered.

Expo Centric supplies room dividers to companies, events, schools, universities and government agencies throughout Australia. We’re known for our quality, experience and reliability.

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