Case Study: Indo Pacific 2023

The Companies:

At the Indo Pacific Expo 2023, our three clients – Defence Tasmania, Austal, and Serco – sought innovative stands to enhance lead generation and conversion. These stands, embodying their brand ethos, were designed to attract audiences with engaging exhibitions. The customised Expo Centric stands provided memorable brand experiences and foster brand growth. 

The Event:

Attracting industry professionals from across Australia, the region, and the globe, Indo Pacific 2023 served as a platform for key figures in the maritime and naval defence communities. Over the course of three days, this event facilitated business transactions, fostered discussions, provided networking opportunities, and showcased the latest in maritime defence machinery and technologies. Held at the Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC) this biennial event ran from 7 – 9 November. 

Defence Tasmania at Indo Pacific 2023 

Representing their government, Defence Tasmania wanted to showcase Tasmanian businesses and their products at Indo Pacific 2023 to help boost the Tasmanian economy and create opportunities for said businesses. They needed a stand with a strong presence while keeping costs down.   

Expo Centric built a 12m x 6m custom stand, large enough to accommodate all products to be displayed. A rigged banner drew attention from afar. Display counters highlighted specific products, with HD screens providing additional information. Giveaways were offered, and visitors could rest and charge devices at the booth. This allowed marketers to accommodate guests and market their products to stand visitors. 

To maximise the use of products they brought with them, simulators were set up for people to simulate and test their equipment. These simulators were strategically positioned at the centre of the stand, easily visible from outside the booth. A private meeting room was also constructed within the stand, for the purpose of conducting further business and discussions with interested stakeholders. 

The stand was streamlined and functional. It provided an effective platform for Defence Tasmania’s co-exhibiting businesses, helping them boost their brands both locally and internationally as the expo was attended by stakeholders from around the world. 

Austal at Indo Pacific 2023 

Austal, a returning Expo Centric client opted for the same stand design for the third time. As the saying goes… “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This Expo Centric stand, which was first created in 2019 has given Austal results in terms of brand awareness, networking, and presence, for the past three shows at the Indo Pacific expo. This motivated them to stick with the winning formula, so to speak. 

A rigged banner bearing Austal’s logo captivates expo attendees from afar. Large imagery on LED video walls helped in conveying the brand message and offerings to attendees at the event. The stand also features displayed ship models inside glass counters to showcase their ship designs effectively. A private meeting room was built within the stand for the sales team to use when closing deals. 

Austal also tasked Expo Centric to set up a large 65-inch HD screen at Darling Harbour’s docks, outside the ICC. This screen was positioned in front of an actual ship built by Austal, anchored by the docks.  

The repeated partnership between Austal and Expo Centric, along with the use of a tried and tested high-impact stand, signifies a practical, efficient, and cost-effective approach. 

Serco at Indo Pacific 2023 

To keep with brand consistency, Serco’s award-winning, best modular stand for 2022, was again re-used for the Indo Pacific 2023 expo.  

The booth featured a tall overhead structure that added depth to the area, attracting expo attendees. Visitors had the opportunity to explore Serco’s marine machinery, which was showcased on high-definition screens, printed graphics, and model ships exhibited in glass display cases. 

In addition to the display area, a meeting room was set up within the stand. This space provided Serco’s marketers with a private and professional setting to conduct discussions and close deals. 

The idea was to stay consistent with what works and not messing with it. Overall, Serco’s stand did what it was supposed to do, to effectively communicate offerings, and engage with existing and potential clients to drive more business growth. 

The Result:

Expo Centric successfully designed and constructed three exhibition stands for our delighted clients. These versatile structures provided extensive graphic spaces, easily configurable for both display and consultation. These functional and efficient structures are cost-effective stands that helped our clients with their image and presence in the expo. 

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