Case Study: SAE at Western Sydney Careers 2023

SAE’s successful participation at Western Sydney Careers 2023 aimed to attract aspiring creative professionals, generate leads, and showcase their revamped branding. By leveraging interactive technology, captivating booth features, and a fun-filled environment, SAE effectively engaged with attendees, exceeded lead generation expectations, and left a lasting impression on the future talent pool.


SAE is a leading creative media education institution, providing comprehensive courses in animation, audio, design, film, and games. With a multi-show-multi-year agreement, SAE actively participates in nationwide career expos alongside universities and TAFEs. Their commitment to innovation, industry relevance, and nurturing creative talent sets them apart as a preferred destination for aspiring students.


Western Sydney Careers 2023 is a prominent event that brings together educational institutions, industry professionals, and students seeking career guidance. It serves as a platform for universities and TAFEs to showcase their programs and attract prospective students. SAE recognized the significance of this event in connecting with their target audience and establishing themselves as a leading choice for creative education.


SAE approached Western Sydney Careers 2023 with a clear objective: to create an immersive and interactive booth that would leave a lasting impression on attendees. Their revamped branding aimed to align with their mission of empowering students to pursue their creative passions. The primary goal was to capture as many leads as possible, enticing students to attend SAE and explore the diverse range of courses they offered.


SAE’s booth design at Western Sydney Careers 2023 seamlessly blended creativity, interactivity, and technology. The booth featured an interactive LED cave, surrounded by LED extrusions and a mirrored ceiling, creating an engaging and visually stunning experience. The LED cave showcased a 3D logo on both the front and back, while an array of external 55-inch TVs and an 85-inch TV at the back of the cave displayed captivating content.

To capture leads and facilitate seamless interaction, SAE incorporated touch screen pods with 3D headings for relevant touch screen navigation. Attendees could easily access relevant information and provide their details for lead capture. A central tower with an 85-inch TV served as a focal point, featuring dynamic content that highlighted SAE’s courses and success stories.


One of the challenges faced during the build was the initial setup of the LED screen and brainstorming ideas with the client on how to best utilize this feature. SAE’s goal was to create a unique and immersive experience for their guests, leveraging the interactive capabilities of the LED technology to tailor content based on individual interests.


SAE’s booth design at Western Sydney Careers 2023 was characterized by high-tech features, interactive elements, and a fun atmosphere. The LED cave, touch screens, and LED light extrusions created an engaging environment where attendees could explore SAE’s offerings and experience the world of creative media firsthand. The ability to change background videos based on attendee preferences added a personalized touch, further enhancing the interactive experience.


SAE’s participation at Western Sydney Careers 2023 proved highly successful, exceeding lead generation expectations and attracting significant attention from aspiring students. The interactive LED cave, touch screens, and captivating booth features created a buzz around their brand and attracted a steady flow of engaged attendees. SAE collected 200 leads, representing a 150% increase compared to previous years. The combination of innovative technology, interactive elements, and a vibrant atmosphere successfully positioned SAE as a top choice for creative education.

SAE’s participation at Western Sydney Careers 2023 showcased their commitment to innovation, creativity, and providing an immersive learning experience. By creating an interactive booth design, leveraging advanced LED technology, and offering engaging touch screen experiences, SAE effectively captured the attention and interest of prospective students. The significant increase in leads and positive reception from attendees demonstrated the success of their approach in engaging the next generation of creative minds and solidifying their position as a leading creative media education institution.

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