Case Study: Suez at OzWater 2023

SUEZ’s participation at the OzWater event aimed to create awareness of their presence in the water industry. With a clear branding strategy and a focus on delivering a captivating experience, SUEZ successfully showcased their expertise and commitment to sustainable water solutions. Overcoming challenges and incorporating striking features into their stand, they left a lasting impression on attendees and achieved remarkable results.


SUEZ is a leading global provider of water and waste management solutions, specialising in sustainable resource management. With a strong emphasis on innovation, SUEZ offers a wide range of services to help communities and industries optimise their water usage, reduce waste, and promote environmental sustainability. Their participation in OzWater served as a platform to showcase their cutting-edge solutions, strengthen their brand presence, and foster meaningful connections within the water industry.


OzWater is Australia’s largest water conference and exhibition, attracting professionals, experts, and industry leaders from around the country. The event provides a unique opportunity for companies like SUEZ to demonstrate their capabilities, share insights, and engage with a targeted audience of water industry professionals. By participating in OzWater, SUEZ aimed to position themselves as a key player in the water space and highlight their commitment to sustainable water management.


SUEZ approached the event with a clear vision of their branding and desired messaging. They sought to create a memorable and impactful presence, emphasising their expertise and solutions within the water industry. The primary objective was to raise awareness of SUEZ as a major player in the water sector while showcasing their commitment to sustainability and innovation.


SUEZ’s stand design incorporated several key features that effectively communicated their brand identity and engaged visitors. The stand was designed initially as a 6 x 6 space but gained additional space, expanding to a 6 x 9 configuration. This expansion presented a challenge that required creative adaptation to ensure seamless integration of design elements.

The stand featured an overhanging 5 x 8-meter banner displaying the company logo, with internally lit discs that showcased different messages. Each disc was crafted from acrylic and illuminated in SUEZ’s branding colors, creating an eye-catching display that attracted attention. The stand was divided into sections based on colors, utilising the company’s vibrant branding to create a visually striking presence.

To enhance the visitor experience, SUEZ incorporated interactive touch screens in three corners of the stand. Each touch screen was accompanied by a custom lightbox painted in SUEZ’s branding colors, highlighting different quadrants and providing additional messaging opportunities. Floor graphics matching the lightboxes and touch screens further enhanced the visual impact and reinforced the company’s branding strategy.

Sustainability was a key aspect of SUEZ’s stand design. Greenery, water features, and a vertical garden added a touch of natural beauty and conveyed the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Thoughtfully positioned furniture created a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, encouraging meaningful conversations and interactions with attendees.


One of the main challenges for SUEZ was the expansion of their stand from 6 x 6 to 6 x 9, requiring adjustments to the initial design. This necessitated careful planning and coordination to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing layout that effectively utilised the additional space. Despite this challenge, SUEZ successfully adapted their design and created an engaging environment that captivated visitors.


SUEZ’s stand boasted several standout features that contributed to its success. The overhanging banner with internally lit discs showcased dynamic messaging, drawing attention to the booth and conveying key brand messages. The integration of interactive touch screens and custom lightboxes added a layer of interactivity and versatility, allowing visitors to explore different aspects of SUEZ’s offerings.

The LED back screen behind the hospitality counter, featuring imagery of running water, created an immersive and visually captivating experience. This feature effectively conveyed SUEZ’s core focus on water solutions and sustainability. The careful division of the stand into color-themed sections enhanced visual appeal and created a cohesive brand presence.


SUEZ’s participation at OzWater was a resounding success, as evidenced by the positive feedback, engagement, and connections made during the event. Their vibrant and visually striking stand design effectively communicated their branding and expertise in the water industry. By showcasing their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer-centric solutions, SUEZ solidified their position as a leading player in the water management sector. The memorable experience provided by their stand left a lasting impression on attendees, facilitating meaningful conversations and driving brand recognition.

SUEZ’s presence at OzWater exemplified their dedication to promoting sustainable water solutions and establishing themselves as a key player in the industry. Overcoming challenges, their stand design effectively conveyed their branding, showcased their expertise, and engaged visitors through interactivity and visual appeal. The success of their participation at OzWater further reinforced SUEZ’s commitment to driving positive change in the water industry and positioned them for continued growth and success.

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