Case Study: Show Pony at Hair Festival 2023

Show Pony’s participation at the Hair Festival 2023 aimed to captivate the audience with their custom-built stand and demonstrate their expertise in the hair industry. Overcoming challenges and incorporating striking features into their booth design, Show Pony left a lasting impression on attendees, achieved their objectives, and set the stage for future event success.


Show Pony is a renowned hair brand known for their high-quality hair extensions and styling products. With a commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service, Show Pony has become a trusted name among hairstylists and enthusiasts worldwide. Their participation in the Hair Festival served as an opportunity to showcase their extensive product range, demonstrate their expertise, and establish connections with industry professionals.


The Hair Festival is a premier event in the hair industry, attracting hairstylists, salon owners, and beauty enthusiasts from around the country. It provides a platform for industry professionals to discover the latest trends, products, and techniques in hair styling. Show Pony recognized the Hair Festival as an ideal setting to showcase their brand, connect with their target audience, and solidify their position as a leader in the hair extension and styling industry.


Show Pony approached the Hair Festival with a clear vision of their booth design, emphasizing their brand identity and product range. The brief called for a full bespoke exhibition stand that would reflect Show Pony’s style, incorporating curves, fluted timber bulkheads, and rounded walls. The stand was meticulously built and painted to match their precise PMS colors, ensuring consistency with their branding.


Show Pony’s booth design at the Hair Festival was a testament to their attention to detail and commitment to creating a visually stunning presence. The booth featured a large fabric print on the back, serving as a backdrop to highlight their product offerings and brand messaging. Custom-built beauty bars with integrated chest of drawers, mirrors, and hair straighteners provided a dedicated space for interactive demonstrations and hands-on experiences for attendees.

To enhance the aesthetics and create a luxurious ambiance, Show Pony incorporated velvet spa stools and fluted plinths, all in their signature branding colors. Large format floor vinyl in a custom blush shade added a touch of elegance to the booth’s flooring. Inset shelves with LED strips showcased their products and created a visually engaging exhibition booth display.

Strategic lighting played a crucial role in Show Pony’s booth design. External rigged lighting was arranged to bring brightness to the stand and ensure optimum visibility of their product range. An illuminated 3D logo on the curved bulkhead added a captivating focal point and reinforced brand recognition.


One of the challenges faced during the event was the malfunctioning curved mirror initially planned for the booth. However, Show Pony and Expo Centric quickly adapted and transformed the mirror into an iridescent pearl feature, maintaining the booth’s aesthetic appeal and delivering an intriguing visual element.


Show Pony’s booth design at the Hair Festival incorporated several standout features that showcased their innovation and style. A portrait TV stand displayed engaging content, providing informative visuals and entertainment for visitors. The live demonstration area featured speakers in the rigging and a discreet Madonna mic, enabling effective communication and interaction with the audience during product showcases and styling demonstrations.


Show Pony’s participation at the Hair Festival garnered significant attention and engagement from attendees. Their custom-built booth, with its captivating curves, stylish aesthetics, and strategic lighting, created a memorable experience for visitors. The live demonstrations and interactive beauty bars allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the Show Pony brand and gain firsthand experience with their products. The booth’s design and execution successfully reinforced Show Pony’s reputation for innovation, style, and exceptional hair solutions.

Looking ahead, Show Pony’s versatile booth design allows for reuse at multiple events over the next couple of years, ensuring a consistent and recognizable brand presence. By effectively conveying their brand identity, engaging attendees, and establishing connections with industry professionals, Show Pony’s participation at the Hair Festival proved to be a resounding success.

Show Pony’s presence at the Hair Festival 2023 exemplified their commitment to creativity, innovation, and exceptional hair solutions. Through their carefully designed custom booth, they showcased their extensive product range, engaged with attendees through live demonstrations, and left a lasting impression on the hair industry professionals and enthusiasts present. By strategically incorporating key features, overcoming challenges, and delivering an immersive brand experience, Show Pony solidified their position as a trendsetter and industry leader in the hair extension and styling sector.

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