Case Study: Car Expert at AADA Convention 2023

Car Expert showcased their B2B offerings for car dealers at the Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) 2023 convention, at ICC Sydney.


Car Expert is a company that offers avenues for leads-to-sales conversion, for car dealerships who avail of Car Expert’s monthly subscription. Subscribing dealerships are given access to all of Car Expert’s wide variety of promotional avenues, greatly increasing profit margins.


Held in ICC Sydney, the Australian Automotive Dealers Association (AADA) Convention and Expo is a key gathering in the Australian automotive sector. It acts as a hub where industry leaders convene to deliberate on the industry’s future trajectory. The event showcases a plethora of solutions tailored to meet the needs of dealerships and businesses.

The convention and expo served as a learning platform for attendees, keeping them abreast with the latest industry trends. It’s a venue for networking with industry peers and discovering new business avenues. The event’s itinerary typically includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, networking events, and an exhibition that displays the most recent products and services in the automotive sector.


As a sponsor for the AADA’s Networking Events, Car Expert had a clear vision for their exhibition stand. They wanted it to be more than just a display; they aimed for it to be a declaration of their brand’s strength and commitment to the automotive industry. The stand was designed to be bold and eye-catching.

Beyond making a strong statement, Car Expert also understood the importance of engagement. They wanted their stand to be a hub of activity, drawing in crowds and sparking conversations. To achieve this, they incorporated interactive elements and provided valuable information, turning their stand into a powerful magnet for attendees.


Flooring for the stand was a 32 mmm raised curly birched floor with ramped edging. The stand was built with Expo Centric’s Aluvision modular frame system and cladded with black aluminium composite infill panels with counters and custom structures. 

All branding was digitally rendered on computer cut vinyl (CCV), complemented by infomercials displayed on high-definition screens. Additionally, a virtual reality (VR), a racing pit stop video game was set up, serving as a major attraction for the crowd. An HD screen and VR sensors were positioned at the entire left side of the stand to ensure there is ample space for playing visitors to move around. Details of how the said game functioned is specified at the features section of this case study.

The high-definition screens displaying the client’s offerings formed a crucial part of the stand. These screens, strategically mounted on black aluminium panels and composite infill panels, were designed to optimise advertising and lead generation. One screen was positioned inside the stand, while another was placed outside to draw the attention of attendees passing by the stand’s aisle. The client’s offerings were intangible products, specifically a trading platform that allowed car sellers to advertise and sell directly to potential customers, thereby facilitating lead generation and conversion.       

Rounding up the stand build were aesthetically pleasing bar chairs with a white seat stainless frame, and a bar table with white top.


Challenging but plausible, logistics had to be on point just in time for the bump-in. A forklift was used to unload and reload stand elements from the truck to the allotted exhibition space. This took time as materials had to be loaded and unloaded with finesse, in order to avoid damaging the stand components. 

Storage at the centre was also needed for keeping all stand elements (pre bump-in), and constant communication with venue staff was necessary in order to properly store Expo Centric’s stand components and not mix them up with the stand components of other exhibitors. 

Electricity supply also had to be considered which was subject to the client’s power requirements, and this was easily remedied by coordinating with venue staff incharge of power supply. 


In order to draw in more attendees and showcase Car Expert’s services, a virtual reality (VR) game was set up for the participants’ entertainment. Given that the client, as well as the entire expo, revolves around automobiles, the VR game on play was a pit stop challenge. It is a type of simulation game that revolves around the concept of a pit stop in racing. Fastest time to change tires in a pit stop wins. Time scores of stand visitors were flashed on a separate HD screen in order to spark further interest by means of friendly competition.

In addition to infomercials and printed branding, QR codes were also displayed for easy scanning, leading visitors directly to the client’s promotional offerings.


Car Expert’s stand at the expo was a masterstroke of strategic planning and execution. The stand, with its immaculate design, served as a beacon, attracting the attention of attendees. The branding was thoughtfully placed and designed to resonate with the target audience. A key highlight was the use of virtual reality for experiential marketing, providing an immersive experience that left a lasting impression on visitors. 

Additionally, QR codes were cleverly used as lead conversion tools, bridging the gap between the physical stand and Car Expert’s promotional offerings. These QR codes, when scanned, provided instant access to Car Expert’s services, effectively converting visitors into potential leads. This multifaceted approach successfully generated the high traffic that Car Expert aimed for, demonstrating the power of combining traditional and digital marketing strategies.

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