Case Study: Panasonic at Integrate 2023

Panasonic unveils their branding campaign named Panasonic Connect for their B2B solutions, along with the introduction of their state-of-the-art consumer electronics products. 


Panasonic Australia is an established market leader and trendsetter whose products are synonymous with reliable consumer electronics. The company also has a diverse portfolio that spans across both consumer and business-to-business (B2B) solutions, demonstrating their versatility and adaptability in meeting a wide range of customer needs.


Integrate 2023 is Australia’s leading platform dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of AV (Audio Visual) to transform customer experiences. It is a nexus for local and global brands to showcase cutting-edge AV solutions and products while exchanging insights and innovations with the largest congregation of AV professionals and end users in the region.


During the briefing meeting, Panasonic detailed a couple of requests that would suffice their marketing goals. They selected Expo Centric’s modular structured stand, wherein structural panels were printed with their branding and painted with their brand colourways. The client also decided to have a custom archway that would house a massive modular LED screen.

To further showcase their state-of-the-art tech, Panasonic also expressed their need of rigging 4 projectors onto the ceiling in order to project visuals on a large custom built screen. Custom table countertops were also requested for their product showcase, with built-in cable management systems to avoid wiring clutter from the products they showcased.


The flooring was made out of assembled basalt floor tiles and natural floor tiles, giving visitors something elegantly beautiful to step on. The stand was segmented into different sections. Sapphire blue ACPs were assembled to function as walls, painted with blue as requested by the client. Mounted onto them were 3 flat screen TVs in the middle area, and a wide length projector screen at the top. Beneath all these were the client’s products placed on a custom built countertop.

Just across the aforementioned blue wall was an archway assembled with white aluvision. Beneath it was a modular LED screen.

Behind the same blue wall was a white painted surface which served as a projection wall. Atop this section were 4 rigged projectors and a rigged banner printed with the client’s branding.

On the side of the projection area, opposite the centre wall, was the broadcast table section. 3 more flat screen TVs hung on the wall panels, and below them are more of the client’s products placed on top of another custom built countertop. Across the said section was a custom white laminate benchtop which served as the actual broadcast table where all broadcasting related products were showcased.


The stand provided by the ICC had a column which was part of the venue’s structure, located at the edge of the space given to Panasonic. In order to hide the column, Expo Centric covered it with a massive printed fabric bearing the Panasonic brand. It was an ingenious endeavour to make it look like it was built as a part of the stand.

Another challenge was fitting all Panasonic products in the stand and grouping each product under their categorised classification. Expo Centric and Panasonic made sure that the products were not crammed, in order to avoid customers getting turned off from seeing cluttered wires.

The challenge that required a lot of work was rigging Panasonic’s hanging banner and the 4 projectors rigged to the ceiling. Expo Centric brought their trusted rigging contractor with them to accurately install the items .

All-in-all the challenges were manageable and were finished far before showtime started.


There were a number of key features on Panasonic’s stands making their presence stand out within the exhibition hall. 

The projection wall was the “crème de la crème” of the stand. Four Panasonic projectors functioned as one to display detailed visuals, such as Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” painting, and other Panasonic digital artworks. The stand was the perfect avenue to showcase Panasonic’s projection wall, as they offer this package as a B2B service for large scale productions in media and entertainment. 

The next key feature was the white archway. It served as an enclosure for Panasonic’s modular LED screen product. Installed above the same archway were two Panasonic projectors that projected towards a projection screen mounted on the ACP walls.

The third notable feature of the stand was the broadcast table. All broadcasting cameras, systems, and products were placed on the said table where visitors can experience operating these machinery themselves. A perfect experiential marketing strategy by Panasonic and Expo Centric.


Panasonic’s marketing team and technology team were ecstatic on how it all came together. The stand was a hit with visitors, to the point that Panasonic was able to generate leads that led to product reservations. Expo Centric’s Panasonic stand was a masterpiece of hardware to software synchronicity where all of the client’s products literally illuminated the stand.

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