Case Study: Gelita at FoodPro 2023

Gelita brings to the table its most versatile ingredient at FoodPro 2023 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Explore the fascinating world of gelatine, collagen and collagen peptides with Gelita. Using food science, Gelita manufactures edible gelatine from fresh ingredients supplied by abattoirs. Their products are innovative, tailor-made products based on collagen proteins for industries producing food, health & nutrition products, pharmaceuticals, livestock, fertiliser, and other non-food companies that use gelatine for technical applications.


FoodPro 2023 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre stands as Australia’s esteemed trade occasion for the domains of food production, manufacturing, and distribution. It assembles the complete spectrum of the food processing realm, championing inventive approaches and forward-thinking perspectives. Conducted from 23rd to 26th July 2023, FoodPro reveres Australian food producers, distributors, and manufacturers. The affair spotlights leading-edge packaging, processing remedies, nurturing networking and commercial possibilities. Attendees navigate dedicated sectors for diverse production phases, encompassing Ingredients, Food Science & Technology, Processing & Packaging, Plant Equipment, IT integration, and Digital Factories. Adept speakers delved into matters of traceability, food safety, connectivity, and waste reduction during the cost-free education series.


FoodPro 2023 introduced Gelita Australia into the Australian market. As part of their awareness strategy, rooted from their mother company in Germany, Gelita’s aim was to showcase their mastery of manufacturing gelatine into raw products proving its use for multiple applications beyond just food.  

Upon their launch into the Australian market, Gelita’s purpose was to create some noise amongst the exhibition hall. Contracting Expo Centric, their brief was to build brand awareness within for attendees and in turn build their lead generation pool. 

FoodPro 2023 was the perfect venue to showcase their expansive product line. Besides the statement stand, the client also requested an engagement feature to help support a strong interaction within their space. The strategy was to showcase a fun engaging game similar to what athletes use for training in order to increase eye, mind and body coordination. Relevant to Gelita’s brand submessage of their products being sources of health enhancement. Beyond the ideation, Expo Centric was to supply all relevant hardware and set up for the feature.


Gelita’s booth was constructed with an Aluvision modular frame system supporting an easy to build format. The stand was attached with custom printed graphics to help support brand awareness for any attendees walking past. All were carefully crafted to make Gelita’s brand striking, attractive and easily understandable. These detailed printouts and graphics were very clear, allowing visitors to absorb the client’s messaging with ease.

Within the booth was raised flooring elevating the stand a space that attendees could enter. Flooring for the stand were Natural Oak wooden tiles which gave visitors a feeling of comfort when walking around inside the booth.  

To help support engagement and retention of attendees within the stand, the Expo Centric team also included some supporting features including a reaction wall challenge and slushie machine. Setting up these equipment proved effective in maintaining visitor’s engagement. These experiential activities also helped Gelita generate more leads because they already had the people’s attention.


Whilst the structure itself proved efficient with the Alluvision pieces, challenges were experienced with the timing of the stand. Initially this stand was designed and built in 2021, however due to the impact of COVID restrictions, the execution was put on hold. As it has been 2 years, limitations were experienced within the flexibility around tweaking the design of the build.  

With the briefing occurring 2 years prior, there ran the risk of changeover in staff on both client and build side. Alongside this both parties would be experienced navigating any changes to the design and build.


To keep visitors engaged and multiplying by the hour, wellness activities were incorporated as activations within the booth. The key activation included a reaction wall challenge. An interactive activity that tests participants’ reflexes, speed, and coordination. It involves a wall with various sensors or targets that light up or respond when touched. Players are required to react quickly to these cues by hitting or tapping the targets as they light up. This created a competitive and engaging experience. Following the game, Gelita hosted a slushie machine to further maintain engagement and time spent on the stand. 

Facilitated by a lead generation functionality, the reaction wall activation encouraged a number of attendees to participate and return, deeming it very successful for the client.


Always accessible and attentive, Expo Centric was the perfect partner for Gelita’s FoodPro 2023 exhibit. The client noted their gratitude regarding the overall look and feel of the stand, in addition to the layout. The acute eye for detail on behalf of the Expo Centric team saw Gelita’s stand come harmoniously together, creating one of the best stands within the exhibition hall. It was mentioned among other marketing teams within the event that the colours and the designs were very inviting, drawing more attendees into their stand.

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