Case Study: Spectrum & Cognex at CeMAT 2023

Two halves make a whole with Spectrum and Cognex’s combined stands at CeMAT 2023


Cognex is a leading provider of machine vision and industrial barcode reading solutions. With a reputation for innovation and cutting-edge technology, Cognex specializes in helping industries enhance productivity and quality through their advanced vision systems. They are known for their software solutions that power automated processes in manufacturing and logistics.


Spectrum is a prominent player in automation solutions, specifically known for their expertise in conveyor belt systems. Their automation solutions optimize material handling and streamline logistics processes for various industries. Spectrum’s products are designed to enhance efficiency and reduce manual labor in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.


CeMAT 2023, a prestigious trade fair focused on intralogistics and supply chain management, presented an opportunity for both Cognex and Spectrum to showcase their innovative solutions. The event brought together industry leaders, experts, and potential clients to explore the latest advancements in automation, robotics, and logistics.


Cognex and Spectrum collaborated to present their solutions in a shared space at CeMAT 2023. This collaboration posed a unique challenge as they were distinct companies with separate product offerings. The clients purchased adjacent stands and engaged Expo Centric to create a seamless joint stand that could effectively represent both brands.

Cognex’s brief emphasized showcasing their machine vision software and its applications meanwhile Spectrum’s brief revolved around highlighting their automation conveyor belt systems. The challenge was to create a cohesive stand that catered to the individual requirements of both companies while ensuring the seamless integration of their products and branding.


The construction phase of Cognex and Spectrum’s exhibition stands at CeMAT 2023 was a testament to Expo Centric’s adeptness in handling complex challenges and fostering seamless collaboration.

Both stands were built on-site using Expo Centric’s efficient modular design, optimizing the construction timeline. This approach not only expedited the process but also allowed Spectrum and Cognex more time to refine their product displays. The collaborative effort ultimately resulted in an impressive exhibition space that effectively communicated the brand values and offerings of both companies.

Throughout the construction phase, Expo Centric showcased its prowess in problem-solving and collaboration, turning challenges into opportunities for innovation. The integration of unique conveyor systems and the refinement of design communication demonstrated Expo Centric’s ability to handle intricate logistical scenarios and streamline collaborative efforts, enhancing the overall impact of Cognex and Spectrum’s presence at CeMAT 2023.


At CeMAT 2023, both Spectrum and Cognex faced distinct challenges that tested their collaborative prowess. Spectrum’s hurdles emerged primarily from the ambitious integration of a larger-than-anticipated conveyor system, creating a need for intricate planning and meticulous alignment of the stands with the sprawling conveyor. The unexpected size posed not only logistical intricacies but also prompted the necessity for strategic adjustments to effectively address gaps that arose between the stands and the conveyor. The seamless fusion of the conveyor system with the exhibition stands necessitated an exceptional level of precision and coordination to ensure a flawless presentation.

On the other hand, Cognex encountered their own set of challenges, centering around the management of feedback and design modifications. The lack of clarity and streamlined communication in conveying feedback resulted in a perplexing web of multiple design versions and alterations. Following the approval of the stand design however, the continuation of the build was streamlined. 


At CeMAT 2023, the integrated stand that showcased the collaborative efforts of Cognex and Spectrum was marked by a series of impactful features that effectively highlighted each brand’s distinct identity and offerings. The stand’s design masterfully balanced uniformity and individuality through elements like coordinated color palettes, uniform flooring, and the integration of two prominent rigged signs – one for each brand – allowing attendees to readily identify and engage with their respective products.

A central tall tower served as the pivotal focal point between the two stands, strategically showcasing products and branding from both Cognex and Spectrum. This architectural centerpiece visually bridged the gap between the brands while reinforcing the synergy of their partnership.

Cognex’s presence was further enriched through the incorporation of nine TV screens strategically positioned across their stand. These screens seamlessly intertwined with their live product demonstrations captured by their advanced cameras, offering attendees an engaging and immersive experience of their innovative technology in action. Simultaneously, the screens shared Cognex’s brand story, underlining their commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

Spectrum, on the other hand, emphasized their narrative through the integration of three TV screens, thoughtfully positioned to narrate their brand story and showcase their automation prowess. This visual narrative not only captivated attendees but also served as a testament to Spectrum’s role in the industry.

Incorporating hanging banners in Cognex’s distinctive color scheme further added to the visual intrigue of the stand, enhancing recognition and imparting a dynamic appeal. This comprehensive set of features worked harmoniously to present both Cognex and Spectrum’s technological advancements and values, making their joint presence at CeMAT 2023 an exhibition highlight that effectively communicated their strengths to attendees.


Expo Centric’s clever modular design allowed both stands to be built efficiently on-site, leaving more time for the clients to prepare their products and displays. The collaboration between Expo Centric, Cognex, and Spectrum resulted in stands that effectively represented both companies’ solutions while maintaining individual brand identities.

A representative from one of the companies, expressed his satisfaction with Expo Centric’s services, highlighting the difference in service quality compared to previous experiences. The successful integration of Cognex and Spectrum’s stands became a highlight of CeMAT 2023, demonstrating Expo Centric’s ability to seamlessly combine two distinct brands and their offerings into a unified exhibition space.

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