Case Study: TAFE at Western Sydney Careers Expo 2023

Modularity meets innovation and design on TAFE’s exhibition stand at Western Sydney Careers Expo 2023. Shifting their perspective in the market, TAFE’s presence saw education and engagement collide providing outstanding results.


The Western Sydney Careers Expo is a prominent annual event bringing together industry leaders, educational institutions, and students seeking career guidance. With a large number of attendees, the expo serves as a platform for students to explore different career options and connect with educational providers. At the same time, for education providers it is an opportunity to get in front of a large number of students looking for the next step.


TAFE’s exhibition stand at Western Sydney Careers Expo was briefed on a number of key components. The modularity of the stand was to enable the structure to be adaptable to a number sizes. In addition the format of the stand ensured there was longevity in the structure and refurbishing. Interactive engagement was to be top of mind for attendees to ensure they not only saw TAFE’s stand but maintained engagement with it.


The modularity of TAFE’s stand was at the forefront of the design, ensuring the configuration of the structure could accommodate future spaces from 6x3m up to 9x9m. As part of this, the stand was designed to switch between two distinct brand sets, allowing TAFE to showcase different courses and programs based on the target audience.

To support an impactful visual presence, the stand incorporated RGB LED extrusions that illuminated the space with vibrant colors. The design also featured an AV-heavy setup, with strategically placed screens and moving images that showcased TAFE’s offerings. A demonstration counter was positioned in the middle of the stand, where attendees could interact with knowledgeable staff and learn about specific courses.


There were a number of features that allowed TAFE’s stand design to stand out from their competitors at Western Sydney Careers Expo 2023.

The modularity in itself proved the designs adaptability to space and longevity of products. Not only does the modular design support a more sustainable presence at the event, but it also sees cost efficiency in reusing key components of the stand without having to rebuild it each time. 

Above all, the AV within the stand were second to none integrating multiple screens to showcase engagement content about TAFE’s courses and programs. The LED extrusions integrated into the stand added vibrancy through colors, creating an eye-catching visual appeal. The interactive touch screens installed throughout the stand, enabled visitors to explore TAFE’s offerings, view course materials, and get a glimpse of the learning environment. The inclusion of TAFE’s magic mirror superimposed industry outfits onto the person standing in front of it, providing a fun and immersive experience. The mirror also generated shareable photos for social media. This was a stand out feature within TAFE’s stand, shifting the brands perspective on education relatability to their audience.


The magic mirror worked its magic onsite, drawing a high number of people onto the stand to interact with it. The interactive nature of the mirror allowed visitors to have a memorable experience and share their photos on social media platforms, further amplifying TAFE’s brand presence.

In addition to the magic mirror, live demonstrations of courses were conducted by TAFE staff, providing attendees with firsthand experience and insight into the practical aspects of the programs. The abundance of moving images, coupled with a large LED content wall, created an immersive and visually captivating atmosphere that effectively communicated TAFE’s innovative approach to vocational education.


TAFE’s exhibition stand at the Western Sydney Careers Expo 2023 was a stand to remember, not just for the staff members working on it, but for the visitors attending the exhibition. 

The modular design allows for future use in various event spaces, ensuring a cost-effective and sustainable approach. The incorporation of AV elements, interactive touch screens, and the popular magic mirror generated high attendee engagement, leaving a lasting impression on potential students and establishing TAFE as a leading provider of vocational education.

With its visually striking features, interactive experiences, and captivating content, TAFE’s exhibition stand at the Western Sydney Careers Expo 2023 successfully conveyed the institution’s commitment to innovation, industry relevance, and practical skills development.

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