Case Study: PACCAR at Brisbane Truck Show 2023

Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor was PACCAR’s exhibition stand at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show.

Expo Centric and PACCAR have been working side by side since 2019 tweaking, adapting, and elevating Kenworth’s and DAF’s presence year after year. The result? The ultimate dream for every exhibitor, a stand so busy that at times not even a floor tile could be seen. This result was not the luck of a busy show, but the curation of an exquisite stand and this is how Expo Centric achieved it.


If the rigged PACCAR branded banner and 3D logo echoing down the exhibition hall wasn’t impactful enough, the true impact was to be made with the display 11 trucks within their 64 x 37.5m space. The formatting of the stand was to facilitate the circulation of traffic throughout the space to ensure all visitors could not only view but explore each of the trucks within the stand.

To further amplify the Kenworth and DAF presence, the exhibition stand was to lean into Expo Centric’s AV equipment offering, utilising large AV screens to showcase movement and branding throughout their stand. A number of screens were to be peppered through the stand to facilitate the interactivity and education of the brands and their offerings for each of the attendees. 

Beyond the visual impact of the stand, the PACCAR brief also placed importance on a space for hospitality which would further support a positive experience for attendees entering the stand. The hospitality space was to include an area for the PACCAR team to host and initiate conversations with any of the delegates.


Well before the 12 trucks rolled into place was the arrival of the Expo Centric team, working collaboratively across bump in days to create PACCAR’s home for the next three days.

Rigging played an important role throughout bump in as the team worked to raise the overhead banners and 3D logos, facilitating PACCAR’S vertical presence throughout the exhibition hall. The banners and logos were a continuation from the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show where similarly each of the banners were rigged successfully to hold their overhead impact throughout the event.

Following the rigging saw the integration of a number of AV screens each with a different purpose. PACCAR’s 2021 case study spoke to the success of the interactive touchscreen content which presented a unique strategy to encourage engagement within the PACCAR stand, allowing visitors to get to know the vehicles. The touchscreens also demonstrated the availability and compatibility of high-quality PACCAR parts. Following this success, this approach was again repeated at the 2023 show to further educate the attendees. Beyond the touch screens the stand hosted an incredible LED screen measuring 6m wide by 3m high, taking center stage. Additionally, straight and curved LED hanging screens added depth and visual appeal to the overall display. The addition of illuminated feature structures to 2023 also worked to elevate the impressive aesthetics of the stand.


Whilst an exhibition stand so full you can’t see the floor is the dream for many exhibitors, PACCAR’S stand highlights extend beyond the number of attendees throughout the week. As electric cars are becoming increasingly more prevalent there’s no doubt that the truck industry is seeing the same demands. The 2023 Brisbane Truck Show was PACCAR’s opportunity to introduce and showcase DAF’s Electric Truck to the industry. In addition the stand showcased a Kenworth T680 which is a hydrogen fuel source truck. Both pieces of machinery worked to prove the company’s progression in technology as being ahead of the curve. 

In addition to the relationships built with attendees, the Brisbane Truck Show was an opportunity for PACCAR to stand out in front of industry whilst being assessed against their competitors. As a result the 2023 event saw the Kenworth K220 awarded as Truck of the Year Australasia. 


“The things that Expo Centric do that really stand out to me is that they sort of feel like an extension of your business when you’re working with them as a stand provider, so I feel like they’re as committed to the stand being great as we are, and so, they’re going to work with us every step of the way to get a great result.” – Ryan Hooper    

PACCAR’s attendance at the Brisbane Truck Show was a resounding success. The thoughtfully designed custom exhibition stand effectively showcased Kenworth and DAF’s diverse range of trucks and highlighted their technological prowess. The large multimedia presence captivated visitors and allowed them to immerse themselves in PACCAR’s world. The prominent focus on alternative fuel opportunities also resonated positively with attendees.

Above all the client’s experience at the event and ongoing relationship with Expo Centric is a testament to the evolving presence and success the stand has each year at Brisbane Truck Show.

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