Case Study: Allianz at Steadfast Convention 2023


Allianz, a global insurance and financial services company, is renowned for its sponsorship of various sports stadiums around the world. With a strong focus on sports, Allianz aims to leverage its brand association with stadiums to enhance its presence at the Steadfast Convention 2023.


Steadfast Convention 2023 is an industry-leading conference that brought together insurance brokers, agents, and industry professionals from 26 – 28th March at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The convention provides a platform for networking, showcasing products and services, and sharing industry insights.


Allianz’s initial brief for the convention was to utilize its sponsorship of sports stadiums as a theme for their exhibition stand. They aimed to recreate the ambiance of a sports stadium and engage attendees with interactive sports activities that would encapsulate the excitement and energy of live sporting events.


To transform their 6×6 sqm exhibition stand into a sports stadium-like experience, Allianz undertook several key design and implementation strategies. The stand featured a range of features and elements, meticulously planned and executed to create an immersive environment.


Creating a convincing sports stadium atmosphere within a limited space posed several challenges. The primary challenge was transforming a relatively small exhibition stand into a space that resembled a stadium. Allianz had to employ clever design techniques and visual elements to achieve this effect. Additionally, finding furniture that matched the aesthetics of a stadium proved to be a challenge.


To address the brief and challenges, Allianz incorporated the following features into their exhibition stand at Steadfast Convention 2023:

  • Two LED screens integrated into the bulkhead: These screens showcased live sporting events, engaging visuals, and Allianz’s branding.
  • Astroturf flooring: By utilizing astroturf, Allianz replicated the sensation of walking on a sports field, further enhancing the stadium atmosphere.
  • 3D logos: Allianz incorporated their logo into the stand design, utilizing three-dimensional elements to create an impactful visual representation of their brand.
  • Graphics resembling stadium seating: The exhibition stand was adorned with graphics that mimicked the look and feel of stadium seating, providing a sense of authenticity and immersion.
  • Interactive Allianz Stadium branded Rugby VR game: Attendees were able to engage in a virtual reality rugby game, bringing the exhilaration of the stadium experience to life.


Allianz’s exhibition stand at Steadfast Convention 2023 received an overwhelmingly positive response from clients and attendees alike. The incorporation of both new and reused elements from previous stands not only showcased Allianz’s commitment to sustainability but also added a touch of familiarity to the overall design.

The clients were particularly impressed with the stand’s transformation into a sports stadium-like environment within the limited space available. The attention to detail, such as the graphics resembling stadium seating and the astroturf flooring, created an authentic and immersive experience that resonated with visitors.

Based on the success and client reception, Allianz plans to reuse these elements again in future exhibitions and events. This not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also allows Allianz to maintain consistency in their brand presence and sustainability initiatives.

By successfully combining creativity, sustainability, and interactive features, Allianz achieved their goal of capturing the spirit of their sports stadium sponsorships and engaging attendees at Steadfast Convention 2023. The exhibition stand left a lasting impression on clients, reinforcing Allianz’s brand value and positioning them as an innovative and environmentally conscious industry leader.

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