Case Study: Five Stands at ARBS 2024

Event: ARBS 2024  |  Location: Sydney  |  Industry: HVAC&R

The Companies

Expo Centric, which provides extraordinary brand experiences within the exhibitions, events, and retail sector, partnered with five prominent clients for the 2024 Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Building Services Exhibition (ARBS).  

Temperzone and Hitachi, Panasonic, Camfil, SMARDT, and Dwyer Instruments proudly displayed their brands, leveraging our expertly designed stands to showcase their latest technologies and innovative solutions. Our team’s well-executed displays successfully engaged visitors and highlighted each company’s cutting-edge products. 

The Event

For over 26 years, ARBS has held the title of Australia’s largest HVAC&R and building services event, and its 2024 return was a stellar continuation of this tradition. From May 28 to 30, the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney buzzed with activity as top manufacturers, suppliers, and professionals came together to unveil state-of-the-art products and technologies. 

The biannual convention featured over 340 exhibitors and welcomed 9,000 attendees, creating a vibrant atmosphere where industry experts could share knowledge, forge valuable connections, and celebrate innovations set to shape the future of the field. 

Client Highlights:

Temperzone & Hitachi  

For over 65 years, Temperzone has been a leader in Australasia’s HVAC industry, designing and manufacturing climate control solutions focused on sustainability and energy efficiency. Expo Centric highlighted this legacy by blending innovative designs with strategic placement, creating a cohesive display that showcased Temperzone and its exclusive Hitachi Cooling and Heating products. 

Located in a prime spot on the exhibit hall, the stand featured an open floor plan, ensuring visibility and easy access for visitors. The reception area featured a custom, curved coffee counter and comfortable seating, setting a welcoming tone for networking and discussions. 

The Hitachi zone stood out with a vibrant red and white colour scheme, complemented by a bold curved overhead banner that prominently showcased the brand’s name. Detailed displays included a front external wall featuring the airCore700 and LED screens highlighting Hitachi’s products with AV displays. 

In the Temperzone section, an elegant deep blue curved banner displayed the company logo and the tagline “Climate Innovations.” Adjacent to it is a large white and blue sign providing detailed information about the Econex PRO. 

Both the Hitachi and Temperzone areas showcased state-of-the-art HVAC units, demonstrating their latest technologies’ practical applications and benefits. 

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Panasonic made a strong impression at ARBS 2024 with a sophisticated and interactive booth. The sleek and minimalistic display, which featured the brand’s distinctive black logo, showcased Panasonic’s dedication to excellence and premium products. 

As guests approached the spacious 9m x 12m footprint, a large, illuminated sign suspended overhead clearly branded and delineated the space. Expo Centric designers divided the booth into four sections to highlight the company’s product range: Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Water HVAC Solutions, and Refrigeration. 

Our team took Panasonic’s stand to the next level by seamlessly incorporating virtual reality (VR) into the display. Guests had the chance to visualise nanoe™ X air purification technology in action and see how it effectively reduces up to 99% of airborne and surface pollutants, creating cleaner and healthier environments. 

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Expo Centric designed Camfil’s booth to blend technology and nature flawlessly, highlighting the firm’s dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility. We added custom elements and timber accents to an Aluvision structure, emphasising the brand’s sustainability and air quality commitment. 

Dominating the space, a large circular banner featured Camfil’s logo surrounded by leafy designs on the inner ring. We ensured the booth’s central theme revolved around the company’s focus on lifecycle cost analysis, energy savings, and efficiency by using fresh, green aesthetics, eco-friendly materials, and thoughtful natural motifs. 

The backdrop displayed various air filtration products, complemented by interactive panels and large screens. These provided detailed insights into each innovation’s mechanics and benefits, offering guests an insightful experience. 


For SMARDT, Expo Centric combined simplicity with a modern, eye-catching style that complemented the brand’s identity. We used top-notch materials to give the stand a premium vibe and show the company’s dedication to innovative and eco-friendly climate control solutions. 

Since SMARDT specialises in energy-efficient oil-free chillers and heat pumps, we designed their space to accommodate and display their larger products. Visitors got an up-close view of the brand’s cutting-edge technology with transparent sections and detailed panels showing the systems’ operations and benefits. 

A bold overhead banner with the SMARDT logo lit up against a crisp blue-and-white backdrop at the booth’s centre, where its sleek geometric design added to the overall modern look. We also designed the layout with guests in mind, creating clear paths to guide them smoothly through each section.  

Dwyer Instruments

Dwyer Instruments, known for their HVAC and Process Automation solutions, wanted a booth that balanced elegance and practicality. Expo Centric met the challenge by creating a space that highlighted modern engineering and thoughtful design.

The stand featured plush red-carpet flooring, consistent with Dwyer’s established booth style. A sleek white backdrop with bold red accents provided striking visual contrast, making the brand stand out across the exhibition hall. 

Designers arranged instruments such as air pressure and temperature gauges on the main wall, while a large screen in the centre played dynamic presentations and product demos. 

Expo Centric devised a cosy seating area for guests to browse brochures and relax to encourage interaction. The booth’s prominent location in the exhibit hall also attracted a steady stream of visitors, ensuring continuous engagement.

The Result

Armed with well-planned layouts, high-quality materials, and interactive elements, our team at Expo Centric successfully brought our clients’ visions to life at ARBS 2024. Each of our partners managed to showcase their innovative products and eco-friendly solutions with our impressive, customised stands. We’re thrilled to have helped make their trade shows such a success!

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