Case Study: HELLA at Brisbane Truck Show 2023

Hella’s experience at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show showcases their innovative products under their new company, Forvia. Overcoming various challenges and adhering to the company’s rebranding efforts, Hella aimed to create a standout presence at the event. By integrating striking design elements and illuminating features, their exhibit successfully captured the attention of visitors and achieved remarkable results.


Hella is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of automotive lighting and electronics. As an industry leader, they continuously strive to push boundaries and deliver cutting-edge solutions to their clients. Under their new company name, Forvia, Hella sought to align their stand design with their European division while introducing fresh elements to represent their rebranding efforts.


The Brisbane Truck Show is a prominent exhibition for the trucking and transport industry, attracting a large audience comprising industry professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts. With numerous big-name brands participating in the event, it presented a significant opportunity for Hella to showcase their products and engage with potential customers.


Facing the challenge of a recurring dark location at the Brisbane Truck Show, Hella aimed to transform their stand into a captivating and well-illuminated space. They provided Expo Centric with designs used in Europe, which featured curved timber, blue and white colors, and a desire for various types of audiovisual (AV) elements. The brief emphasised the need for new custom counters that would better showcase their products and incorporate improved cable management.


Hella’s stand design incorporated several key features to create an impactful and immersive experience for visitors. To combat the low ceiling and limited lighting, an LED strip was installed on the floor, providing an illuminating effect that helped overcome the dark corner challenge. A timber archway, designed to fit within the low ceiling parameters, added a touch of sophistication and visually guided attendees into the exhibit space.


Hella encountered several challenges while preparing for the event, primarily the low rigging and limited lighting. Additionally, the introduction of Forvia meant aligning the stand design with their European inspiration and incorporating the new brand’s colors. The event’s increased scale and presence of larger brands further added to the pressure of creating a standout display.


The Hella exhibit boasted several notable features that enhanced its visual appeal and effectively showcased their products. The LED strip on the floor not only illuminated the stand but also created a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. The integration of 3D logos, brilliantly brought to life from images, added a sense of depth and professionalism. Customer slat timber accents and custom-designed counters elevated the overall aesthetics, while new branding and standing graphics aligned with the company’s fresh identity.


Hella’s stand at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show proved to be a resounding success. The strategic use of lighting and innovative design elements attracted a steady stream of visitors throughout the event. The illuminated 3D logos and dual spaces for product features and hospitality garnered particular attention and enabled effective engagement with potential clients. By overcoming the challenges of their dark location and incorporating the new brand elements, Hella successfully showcased their products and reinforced their position as an industry leader.

Hella’s participation at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show, under their new company Forvia, exemplified their ability to adapt and excel in challenging circumstances. By carefully considering their brief, addressing the unique hurdles they faced, and incorporating eye-catching features, Hella created a remarkable exhibit that commanded attention and left a lasting impression on attendees. The success of their stand at Brisbane Truck Show not only reinforced their brand image but also contributed to forging valuable connections within the industry.

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