How to create 6 months of content with your Trade Show Stand. (Part 1)

A simple question but an intimidating process. Would you like your exhibition stand to go beyond the event? With so much consideration, time and money going into creating an engaging, educational and memorable stand, it makes sense to ensure your impact goes beyond the exhibition or event days. 

The harder question is how. There are four areas that businesses can tap into to set themselves up with over six months worth of content to continue their campaign and each will be discussed in the following three blogs.

THE SECRET? Organisation. 


Write your exhibition shopping list, so when packdown begins your content has only just started. 

Shopping list item 1: bread & butter. 

The bread and butter is your stand, and the item all of your content will orbit. 

APPEARANCE. Without sounding superficial, appearance is everything and especially when it comes to exhibition stands. Whilst the Expo Centric team will speak at length about the technicalities and logistics of your stand, strong consideration will be given to the overall look and feel. Afterall the first impressions are what will draw your potential clients in. 

When designing the appearance two additional considerations should be made: 

  1. A visually appealing engagement piece to encourage photos and sharing. With more than 3.2 billion images being shared across social media daily, it would be crazy not to create an opportunity for this within your stand. 

As the saying goes ‘It didn’t happen if it isn’t on socials’, event goers are often eager to share their attendance whether it be socially or to showcase their business networking. By providing a photo moment or a visually engaging space for visitors to capture their moment on your stand, it  only encourages them further to share an image with your branding. 

Consideration should be given to the photo moment to include the company’s branding, a message, and a potential contact line. Including a social media handle is often successful as it will also encourage the visitor to tag you when they post their photo. 

A visually simple, yet appealing wall or space within the stand that conversations can be held in front of. 

(We’ll get back to this)

Shopping list item 2: Fruit & veggies. The nutrients of your content and likely the purpose of exhibiting.

What are you showcasing on your stand? It is time to feature it. 

PRODUCTS & SERVICES. Often exhibition stands are used to launch products and showcase demonstrations. Use the time on the stand to record each of the products being launched. Product launches should include: 

  • Explanation of the industry and what the product is whilst showing it visually 
  • Detail on how to utilise the product 
  • The product’s Unique Selling Points (USPs)
  • Details on usage occasions 
  • Any further information that drives sales or adds benefits.

Similarly, if products are being demonstrated throughout the event days, capture this content. To do so a simple tripod set up with a phone can be suitable. If technology isn’t up your alley, Expo Centric have all of the tools to capture your demonstrations for future content. 

Demonstrations to visitors provide the opportunity for frequently asked questions to arise. Take note of these questions and include them in the recordings. 

Shopping list item 3: Confectionery. Albeit not on everyone’s shopping list, it’s sweet to add to the cart. 

COLLABORATIONS. Collaborations create relationships with those outside of your company and being onsite creates a great opportunity to get in touch. Looking beyond the competitors onsite, there may be other companies at the event that are complementary to your business.  As part of a collaboration business can look to showcase complementary products, giveaways or joint-marketing activations. 

Collaborations with other companies generate larger reach as both companies are interacting with visitors. The shared visitors allow both companies to share resources and more importantly leads. With a larger lead pool companies can tap into the new market to continue making content.

With the plan for the stand underway, the next step looks at how to utilise the people within the stand effectively. 

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