Case Study: All Energy Expo 2023

Our Highest Energy Event Building 5 Stands at All Energy Expo 2023

The All Energy Expo 2023, Australia’s largest clean energy event, was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 25-26, 2023. Organised by RX Global, the event provided delegates with access to the latest renewable energy technology and trends. The expo is committed to sustainability, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2040.

Expo Centric had to delve into the product configurations of each client to ensure that the products were accurately mocked up on the stands. This required a deep understanding of the client’s offerings and a keen eye for detail. The day of the event, however, brought with it a unique set of logistical challenges. Coordination with suppliers and the timely arrival of materials and products was crucial for a seamless setup. Furthermore, getting massive materials in the exhibition hall presented a considerable obstacle. Yet, Expo Centric met these challenges head-on, showcasing their problem-solving experience and unwavering commitment to their clients. Their ability to swiftly adapt and surmount hurdles on the day of the event speaks volumes about their professionalism and dedication. Specified in this article are demonstrations of their unwavering commitment to providing their clients with outstanding service, irrespective of the situation. at All Energy Expo 2023

The stand was a marvel of design and functionality, featuring a variety of elements that contributed to its success. Four hanging rigged banners provided high visibility from afar, drawing attention to the stand. A product mounting wall with graphics allowed for a detailed display of product offerings. The stand also included a storage room for additional materials and a reception counter that offered additional storage space. The stand’s aesthetics were enhanced by Computer Cut Vinyl (CCV) graphics and a large graphic back wall, creating a visually appealing and informative backdrop. The furniture and fixtures provided comfort and convenience for visitors, while HD screens displayed brand infomercials, providing detailed information about the products.

Eye-catching colourways could be seen from afar, as aimed to demonstrate the functionality of their distributed products. Expo Centric constructed a mock-up model of a solar panel held by a pergola structure connected to a mini grid (mock up model), allowing customers to appreciate the functionality and efficiency of BayWare’s renewable energy products. Another attractive feature was a solar panel module, also built by Expo Centric, which housed multiple solar panels in individual slots. Visitors were encouraged to remove and examine these panels, providing a hands-on experience. Complemented by a hanging banner, branded prints on the back walls, and strategic marketing activities such as complimentary popcorn, drinks and food (beer tap for one night only), the stand effectively drew in a significant number of potential clients.

Redback Technologies at All Energy Expo 2023

Redback Technologies aimed to unveil their innovative hybrid battery storage at All Energy Expo 2023. Simultaneously, they sought to continue emphasising their existing best-selling products, which set the standard in the industry.

Redback has maintained an ongoing relationship with Expo Centric, reusing their fabrication elements in conjunction with Aluvision across a number of their previous events. This combination was used to create a distinctively sloped counter, designed specifically to display their compact products, such as their smart inverter, among others. Elegantly towering at the centre, adorned with blue-branded infomercial prints, was their new hybrid battery storage product. It was designed to be the centrepiece of attraction, yet carefully balanced not to eclipse the presence of other showcased products.

Functioning as the initial crowd magnet is the massive archway made out of PVC, bearing the client’s branding and colourways. This archway was helpful with getting the attention of visitors as it projected aesthetic appeal and it helped define the sectioned spaces of the stand.

Zimmermann at the All Energy Expo 2023

Zimmermann, a solar panel producer, availed a state-of-the-art exhibit stand from Expo Centric to showcase their product to the renewable energy market. This strategic move was aimed at enhancing their visibility and engagement within the industry. The custom-designed stand, tailored to Zimmerman Australia’s specific needs, provided an effective platform for them to interact with potential customers and partners. It not only incorporated their brand identity but was also designed to highlight their solar panels and related products. This collaboration with Expo Centric enabled Zimmerman Australia to strengthen their brand presence and achieve their marketing objectives at the event. The exhibit stand served as a testament to their commitment to innovation and sustainability in the renewable energy market.

The client’s branding was prominently displayed on four main elements. This included two PVC-made back wall graphics, with the left side back wall enhanced by a mounted 43″ HD screen. Additionally, a curved reception counter, adorned with Computer Cut Vinyl (CCV) graphics, was also part of the branded components.

The client’s solar panel products were the standout feature of the stand, thanks to Expo Centric’s strategic placement, all branded panels were positioned at the far back, and far right of the stand. The solar panel products were truly in the spotlight, easily attracting attention and becoming the undeniable stars of the show.

PVH at All Energy Expo 2023

Upon entering the stand, the first thing that catches the eye is the plant wall. This strategic design element not only creates a cosy atmosphere but also communicates PVH’s commitment to cleanliness and environmental sustainability. A display counter showcases some of PVH’s products, complemented by a seating area for marketers and potential clients to engage in discussions. A dedicated meeting room is available for more in-depth conversations and presentations. 

Further enhancing the stand’s visual appeal are the wall graphics and computer cut vinyl (CCV) Graphics, which added a layer of sophistication and brand identity. The Custom Counter serves as a focal point for showcasing PVH’s products, while the Overhead 3D Logo ensures brand visibility from all angles. HD Screens are strategically placed around the stand, playing brand infomercials that provide visitors with more detailed information about PVH’s dedication to environmental sustainability and their range of products. These elements work together to create a cohesive and engaging experience for visitors, reinforcing PVH’s brand message and leaving a lasting impression.

Gamesa Technologies at All Energy Expo 2023

Expo Centric supplied a stand for Gamesa Electric that would help highlight their new line of solar power products, branded as “Proteus”. The first order of business was focussing on getting visitors in the stand, which was achieved by designing the stand’s interior in such a way that it invites people to sit down comfortably while Gamesa’s marketers engage with them. 

Earth tone colourways were the parameters for all printed materials, furniture, and fixtures. Many seats and tables were available to accommodate inquiring guests. These comfortable furniture paved the way in generating visitor traffic that were converted to leads.

The highlight of the stand was a down-sized scale model of their new Proteus PV inverter. The said scale model was strategically situated at the entrance of the booth in order to show to visitors the ingenuity of the product, which is used to convert the variable Direct Current (DC) output from a solar panel into a utility frequency Alternating Current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network.

The entire structure of the stand was made up of assembled PVC panels adorned with Gamesa’s branding. Complementing these printed brandings were HD screens showcasing detailed infomercials about the brand.

Fostering the Growth of the Renewable Energy Industry

Our partners Zimmermann, Redback Technologies,, PVH, and Gamesa Electric leveraged Expo Centric’s stands to enhance their visibility and engagement within the industry. Each stand, tailored to each company’s specific needs, not only highlighted their products but also served as platforms for interaction with potential customers and partners. The strategic placement of products, the use of eye-catching graphics, and the incorporation of comfortable seating areas all contributed to attracting a high volume of leads. This event underscored the commitment of these companies to innovation and sustainability in the renewable energy market. It also demonstrated the effectiveness of Expo Centric’s custom-designed stands in achieving marketing objectives. As we look to the future, these successful collaborations are laying the groundwork for the ongoing development of the renewable energy sector.

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