Case Study: Serco at Indo Pacific 2022

“Serco’s sleek curves meet vibrant colours at Indo Pacific 2022.”


Serco Group Co. specialise in the delivery of essential public services, with over 50,000 people working in defence, transport, justice, immigration, healthcare and other citizen services across four regions: UK & Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Middle East.


The INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition is the region’s premier commercial maritime and naval defence exposition, connecting Australian and international defence, industry, government, academia and technology leaders, in the national interest.

The three-day event is a platform for engagement and incorporates an international industry exhibition, specialist conference program featuring presentations and symposia from leading maritime institutions and networking opportunities.


In December 2021, Serco engaged Expo Centric to begin developing the impact they would have on attendees and stakeholders alike at INDO PACIFIC 2022. Their objective at the event was to build brand awareness and further educate on the company’s services throughout the three-day event. With this in mind, the Expo Centric team collaborated to bring awareness to the brand like never before. 

The brief for this stand was multifaceted to achieve both objectives. Awareness was to be created through visibility from within the trade hall. Serco was to be seen from every angle of the trade hall regardless of where attendees were standing. In addition to this, once within the stand there was to be a customised experience aligning design and education. 

The education objective element was to be achieved through the structure of the stand. Serco has developed four different ship models and four different sectors of the business, which required representation onsite. To further support this education, a meeting room was to be included on the stand to hold further discussion.


With the brief and key objectives in mind, the Expo Centric team got to work designing the stand. Initially, the stand was broken into quarters to represent the four types of ships being showcased at the event. Expo Centric worked to create custom product plinths within each sector to help display the ship models and work to create a space for each. The meeting room was tucked away to support any further discussions required.

Whilst the build process was smooth, there were two hurdles the Expo Centric team worked to overcome.

In order to achieve being seen throughout the entire trade show floor, Expo Centric designed a multi-level stand, incorporating a rigged banner and a bulkhead. The bulkhead worked to sit above the height of single-storey stands allowing its visibility throughout the trade show. The Expo Centric team was met with a challenge upon determining the location of the stand. Upon briefing they were provided the specs of the stand, however not the position within the trade hall. Limitations were experienced with its venue positioning due to being under a venue column. The Expo Centric team combatted this challenge by working closely with the venue team to understand the build parameters and tweaking the measurements of the stands to ensure it maintained the same impact, but fit safely within the location. 

Onsite the rigged banner and bulkhead created another level of complexity to ensure that once rigged each of the signs remained flat, particularly when one is attached to the base of the stand. Throughout the bump-in, the build team and account manager worked closely with the venue and rigging team to ensure each piece was hung seamlessly.


With the build and challenges aside, the Serco stand presented a number of features allowing their presence to stand out from its competitors. Key features included: 

The Rigged Banner and Bulkhead. The Serco stand was seen from the moment attendees walked into the exhibition hall with a strong banner hung on top of their stand. Further to this impact, the Serco stand also included a bulkhead which is where the structure of the wraps from the stand wall to the ceiling of the stand, without an additional supporting wall. Within this bulkhead stood Serco’s 3D logo within a vibrant vinyl red backdrop. 

Within the stand were a number of design features working to set their space apart. Halo lights were rigged from the ceiling to create a sense of ambient enclosure. Custom slat walls and Alluvision screens were used to line the perimeter of the stand. Serco’s stand also included a reception desk to greet attendees as well as a meeting room. 

The meeting room was designed with frosted glass walls and Alluvision frames ensuring the space felt spacious but private.

The stand floor was divided into quadrants to represent each sector of the business. Within each quadrant sat custom plinths to fit their products. The plinth sat atop timber white tiles across the remainder of the stand floor.

The entire Serco design was tied together by the vibrant red colouring featured throughout. This colour represented Serco’s brand and was recognisable upon first glance.


Serco couldn’t have been happier with the result. From the bulkhead through to the quadrants, this stand represented the brand perfectly and the client was very pleased with the result.

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