Case Study: INPEX at APPEA 2023

This case study explores INPEX’s participation at the APPEA Conference and Exhibition, where they aimed to showcase their brand and engage with industry professionals. Overcoming various challenges and adhering to a three-year contract, INPEX sought to create a standout presence that aligned with their brand identity. By incorporating unique stand features and focusing on sustainability, their exhibit successfully captured attention and achieved remarkable results.


INPEX, a leading energy company, has established itself as a prominent player in the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas resources. With a strong focus on sustainable practices, INPEX is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint and actively contributing to a greener future. Their participation in the APPEA Conference and Exhibition served as an opportunity for INPEX to showcase their latest advancements in sustainable energy solutions and engage with industry professionals.

INPEX’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere lip service. They have implemented various initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiency, and invest in renewable energy sources. By showcasing their sustainable practices and solutions at the event, INPEX aimed to position themselves as an industry leader in environmentally responsible energy production.


The APPEA Conference and Exhibition is a premier event in the energy sector, attracting a wide range of professionals, stakeholders, and experts. It serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration within the industry. The event provides companies like INPEX with an invaluable opportunity to connect with potential clients, showcase their expertise, and stay updated on the latest industry trends and developments.

As a significant gathering of influential figures and industry leaders, the APPEA Conference and Exhibition carries immense importance in shaping the direction of the energy sector. INPEX recognized the event’s potential to strengthen their brand presence, build strategic partnerships, and gain valuable insights into emerging technologies and market trends. By participating in the exhibition, INPEX aimed to establish themselves as a key player in the energy sector and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability to a highly targeted audience.


INPEX approached the event organizers, Expo Centric, with a three-year contract, which implied maintaining a consistent presence at the exhibition. The brief called for a stand design that effectively utilized the available space and highlighted INPEX’s brand identity. Expo Centric made the decision to flip the stand layout based on the floor plan, ensuring optimal utilization of the allocated area.


The construction of INPEX’s stand involved several key features that contributed to its success. A prominent overarching bulkhead, meticulously rigged and embedded with LEDs, formed the focal point of the stand. This design element required meticulous attention before the rest of the stand could be built. The stand also included a meeting room, storage room, and ample open space for their VR activity. Additionally, a hospitality counter was incorporated, where INPEX organized their own bubble tea offering. The stand design emphasized the integration of lightboxes, PVC prints, fabric displays, LED screens, and glass Aluvision screens with frosting.


INPEX faced several challenges during their participation in the APPEA Conference and Exhibition. Venue access proved to be a hurdle due to the turnaround time for the bump-in process. To ensure sufficient time for setup, INPEX paid for early access. Another critical challenge was the rigging of the bulkhead, as its flawless execution was crucial to the stand’s overall impact and functionality.


INPEX’s stand design boasted several notable features that effectively communicated their brand and messages. The striking bulkhead, integrated with LEDs, captivated attention and created a visually stunning backdrop. The stand’s layout provided ample space for their VR activity, encouraging visitor engagement. The incorporation of lightboxes, LED screens, and glass Aluvision screens with frosting facilitated the display of different messages and visuals. INPEX’s distinct colors, including their signature purple, were prominent throughout the stand, reinforcing their brand identity.


The LED integration within the bulkhead was a standout feature of INPEX’s stand, creating a captivating and immersive experience for visitors. The use of different mediums, including lightboxes, LEDs, TV screens, and fabric displays, allowed for versatile messaging and effective communication.


INPEX’s stand at the APPEA Conference and Exhibition garnered significant attention and achieved remarkable results. The meticulous rigging of the bulkhead and the flawless execution of the stand construction contributed to its overall impact. The use of different mediums, such as lightboxes, LEDs, fabric, and TV screens, effectively conveyed key messages and engaged visitors. Despite the challenges faced, INPEX maintained their commitment to sustainability, which resonated positively with the audience.

INPEX’s participation at the APPEA Conference and Exhibition showcased their dedication to innovation, sustainability, and brand identity. By overcoming challenges and incorporating striking design features, INPEX successfully captured the attention of industry professionals and visitors. The standout elements, such as the illuminated bulkhead and the use of different mediums, contributed to an engaging and impactful presence at the event. INPEX’s commitment to sustainability further emphasized their position as a responsible industry leader.

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