Case Study: Security & Integrate 2023

Expo Centric successfully builds six custom stands at Security & Integrate Expo 2023

Security & Integrate Expo is the only exhibition in Australia that features both the AV & Integration and Security industry. The event was held in ICC Sydney on August 30 – September 1 2023, and it successfully continued to give an opportunity for people in both industries to come together, collaborate, and expand their reach to a broader community of users and consultants. 

For the Security industry, the Expo has been Australia’s top platform that brings together a wide range of security professionals and end-users. It’s been an essential platform for many visitors to get vital solutions for modern security challenges. Industry players also get to know about the latest developments in Security through the ASIAL Security Conference during the event. As for Integrate, this Expo has long been a significant platform for innovation and showcasing the latest interactive technologies for the Australian AV industry.

Having the two industries in one location for the event is a good fit as many of their visitors increasingly look for solutions across both physical security and integration elements, and suppliers get the opportunity to meet with their target audience and adapt to the growing demand for Artificial Intelligence and smart technologies. Furthermore, it hosted six exhibition stands powerfully designed and built by Expo Centric.

Panasonic at Integrate Expo 2023

Panasonic at Integrate 2023 was poised to wow visitors and other attendees. Their stand dazzled the audience through their massive projection wall that displayed highly detailed visuals such as Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” and other digital artworks from Panasonic. This projection wall was Panasonic’s key offering for the exhibition as it’s a product and service they provide to large-scale productions in media and entertainment. 

Adding a majestic flair to their stand was a white archway that served as an enclosure for Panasonic’s modular LED screen product. Two Panasonic projectors were installed in the archway too, and they projected more gleaming visuals towards a projection screen mounted on the ACP walls.

Lastly, to feature other products in Panasonic’s impressive line of merchandise, a broadcast table with broadcasting cameras and systems helped drive more engagement. Visitors can try operating these machines to see how they can use them for their needs—an imaginative experiential marketing strategy brought into play by Panasonic and Expo Centric.

AV Supply Group at Integrate Expo 2023

At Integrate 2023, AV Supply Group’s exhibition stand impressed attendees with its clean and well-designed layout showcasing three of the brands that it carries, namely Nureva, GoBright, Aurora, and Utology. The AV Supply Group logo made a statement as it sat boldly on top of glossy black panels. Since AV Supply Group carried products of different brands, each had its dedicated white-colored panel and TV so visitors could know about each of their unique offerings. They each also had a particular tool, such as headphones and iPads, to encourage an immersive experience as visitors get to know more about their products. while the AV Supply Group logo sat on top of the other brand names on a glossy panel

The majority of the floor was covered in white gloss floor tile which brightened up the whole stand. This was balanced out by the contrast of the matte black floor tiles which lined up on the edges of the stand which helped harmonize these simple but important elements together. The stand was well-equipped with counters that had storage cabinets—displaying products on the tabletop and housing extra brochures and other collaterals. Each counter and table were strategically placed around the stand to optimise visitors’ traffic flow, allowing ample space for each person to go around each brand section in the stand smoothly.

Altronics at Integrate Expo 2023

Altronics was another return client of Expo Centric and this year’s exhibit at Integrate Expo 2023 was a reinstall of last year’s. They had a distinct stand from the rest—simple yet eye-catching as it looked like a storefront with its very tall back wall structure, Redback’s (a string of audio products distributed by Altronics) striking red logo, bright white backlight, and three long shelves mounted to display the wide range of products they offer. 

Two mini back-to-back shelf stands stood strategically at both edges of the stand to showcase more products from the brand. Additionally, two counters were deliberately placed in the middle to showcase not just their products but also branding elements—ensuring to leave a memorable impression on every passerby. 

Expo Centric’s trusted modular design from last year made the stand installment process quick and easy for this year’s Integrate Expo, providing more time for both Redback and Altronics to refine their product displays the stands were erected swiftly on-site, allowing the companies more time to perfect their product displays.

Convergint at Security Expo 2023

Unlike the string of repeat clients Expo Centric worked with at the Security & Integrate Expo, Convergint was a first-time exhibitor. As they were new to exhibiting, Expo Centric held their hand through the process of building a stand that perfectly showcased their line of innovative services and solutions. Convergint shared its stand space with POMT (a brand they recently acquired) and also featured its partners in the stand, namely Conduent, Everbridge, Acre, and CyberCX.

Since they had many other brands in tow, making good use of their space while still driving visual impact was a welcome challenge. But even as a first-time exhibitor, Convergint came with a solid brand identity and clear vision for their stand. Each brand had its corner and a dedicated 43” TV to showcase their products and services. 

At the heart of the setup was a huge overhead arc in blue with Convergint’s logo brightly printed on both sides. On one side of the column was POMT’s corner with a 60” TV that plays their company reel and offerings. Winning attendees’ hearts on this side too was the cool coffee bar serving fresh coffee. It had a sleek but welcoming white counter and a stack of disposable coffee cups that had Convergint’s logo. What a novel way to present branding! To add an even more inviting touch, there were tables and chairs where visitors could comfortably talk with Convergint’s staff about their services—demonstrating Convergint’s mission of having their customers at the forefront of their priority. 

Another standout at Convergint’s stand was Conduent’s 3D detection gate which enables secure, fast, and controlled boarding in train and metro stations. It added to the overall impact of the stand and visitors were able to try out this innovative technology. 

It was a massive feat for Convergint’s first foray into the exhibiting world and they were happy with Expo Centric’s design and service.

Geutebruck at Security Expo 2023

It wasn’t Geutebruck’s first time working with Expo Centric and they’ve consistently been happy with Expo Centric’s design, set-up, and service. For Security Expo 2023, they decided to reinstall last year’s stand which had a huge Geutebruck branding highlighted with an extra-large 3D illuminated logo. This bright logo has always drawn the attention of visitors and this year is no different. Along with the large graphic stand featuring their brand color yellow and brand tagline written boldly, Geutebruck’s stand was a visual standout. 

The central point for the stand was the two walls in contrasting colors strategically placed in the stand to capture the attention of passersby as they both had TV screens mounted on them. These screens displayed footage from Geutebruck’s live demo cameras, showcasing the functionality of their security products seamlessly. Adding to these walls was a towering 2m custom timber monitoring station featuring LED-lit stripe lighting.

Smoothly blending at the side of the black wall was a walk-in storage room. To add a final touch, two colors of broadloom carpet covered the stand flooring to add dimension to the whole stand. All in all, every element was carefully selected to exude the brand’s commitment to safety and reliability.

Permaconn at Security Expo 2023

Permaconn is a regular participant at Security Expo, and they’re also a return client for Expo Centric. This year’s stand was a reinstallment from last year’s—a testament to Permaconn and Expo Centric’s productive and fruitful collaboration. Guests are welcomed by the rigged banner displaying Permaconn’s logo together with RAPIDLink, which also had a dedicated corner in the stand. 

A striking shiny back wall structure with mounted screens and printed graphics served as the main eye-catching piece for the stand, and it also had storage spaces cleverly integrated within. These mounted screens showed informative reels of Permaconn and RAPDILink’s offerings, technology, and social proof, giving credibility to their successful track record as service providers. 

The white counter adorned with the brand’s printed graphics, lively plants, and colorful candies served as the stand’s centerpiece, providing an efficient space for staff and clients to discuss their needs and accompanying products and services in high spirits. 

Permaconn’s exhibit at Security Expo 2023 showed their dedication to uncomplicated and reliable wireless security technology solutions.

The success of these six stands is a testament to exhibitions as an essential distribution channel that helps increase brand recognition, B2B collaborations, and lead generation. Expo Centric has been an instrumental partner in bringing to life each brand vision through stand design, logistics, and client servicing.

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