Sky-High Strategy to Elevate Awareness: INPEX at the Australian Energy Producers Conference and Exhibition 2024

Client: INPEX  |  Event: AEP2024  |  Location: Perth  |  Industry: Energy

Awareness from the Ground Up

Few exhibitors understand the value of building up and over—rather than out. To add prominence or increase their square footage, many exhibitors invest in a larger footprint and pay a premium for extra convention-centre concrete. But savvy exhibitors employ the relatively free space over their stands to add messaging, logos, images, and more. Doing so can virtually double your awareness, adding prominence for a pittance, so to speak.

Marketers at INPEX are a savvy lot that understand the importance of overhead space. So rather than building out a larger presence at the Australian Energy Producers Conference and Exhibition (AEP), this Japan-headquartered energy firm built a dramatic presence above the space to not only attract attention but also generate show-wide awareness for the brand.


Going into AEP, the country’s largest energy event, INPEX hoped to generate broad brand recognition above all else. Along with sponsorship opportunities, INPEX-led technical presentations, and a VIP event, INPEX wanted a highly visible and interactive stand that would provide maximum visual impact and prominently display the company logo. Plus, in keeping with the company’s mission, the stand needed to maintain sustainability standards regarding the use of recyclable materials and energy-efficient storage and transport solutions.

Additional functional objectives included: 

  • Multiple screens to showcase branded content  
  • Private/semi-private meeting space 
  • Welcome counter 
  • Adequate storage area 
  • Multiple conversation areas 
  • Ability to accommodate an on-stand event with 50 people 
  • Thematic nods to clean energy, sustainability, and Japanese culture 

The Build 

The resulting 6x9m stand drew all eyes to the skies with its engaging, dramatic, and branded suspended header. The stunning rectilinear structure topped the space, delineated the footprint, and offered internally lit branding and video screens playing continuous content. A series of six additional screens dangled over the space, adding interest and content that synched with floor-based digital signage. 

Designers positioned functional elements—including a branded and underlit reception counter, storage room, meeting space, and conversation area—on the corners of the space. Meanwhile, additional floor-based LED tiles synchronised with suspended screens to offer dynamic ongoing content.  

Throughout the environs, natural wood tones (found in the modular walls, flooring, and central curved seating) paired with live foliage and subtle Japanese vases to add a decided Japanese flair to the stand.


Modular and custom components (comprising, laminate, extrusions, and fabric) combined to create an engaging, on-brand experience. 

  • Floor-based and suspended LED tiles 
  • Raised flooring system mixing basalt and classic oak finishes 
  • Custom Zen garden situated front and centre 
  • Central tunnel-arch construction to draw the eye to a capabilities presentation 
  • (4) 3D backlit 1100x1100mm logos 


Featuring a dramatic overhead element and couldn’t-miss floor-based components, the booth offered a subtle nod to the firm’s Japanese heritage. However, given the multiple content and branding opportunities integrated throughout, the design helped fulfil INPEX’s desire to generate broad brand recognition.

While INPEX and ExpoCentric staff certainly appreciated the design, AEP attendees also took notice. In fact, out of the show’s 120+ exhibitors, INPEX took home the show’s Best Custom Build award. Clearly, INPEX’s up-rather-than-out design helped elevated brand recognition to a whole new level. 

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