Product Spotlight: LED Screens

MYTH: Led screens are expensive and an effort to integrate into an existing stand.. 

Take your LED Screen to the next level. No longer do you set yourself apart from the rest by integrating a screen on your stand. Now is the opportunity to get creative and push the limits. 

Led screens can replace anywhere and anything within your stand and the more imaginative the area, the better the outcome. Farewell to straight lines and edges, Led Screens can wind their way through the stand literally curving from the floor to the ceiling.

Expo Centric is proud to have the largest range of Aluvision products in Australia, and continuously impressed by the products they bring to the exhibition industry. 

Aluvision’s LED Screens are a seamless integration of video content for an eye-catching experience.

What is it? 

“One tile, endless solutions: transform the most versatile LED tile into 5 different configurations.” – Aluvision 

ExpoCentric can make an LED Screen in any shape or size and seamlessly integrate it into the whole stand structure. 

From here, let your movie content travel from floors and walls to the ceiling, the screen can even travel around corners of your stand. 

Let the mind wander with potential when integrating the Hi-LED 55. Once only an opportunity for expensive rigging or integration, LED Screens remove the financial barrier of making a lasting statement when onsite and it is as simple as a ‘swap’.

Need some inspiration? The Aluvision @ ISE 2019 showcases a number of ways the LED Tiles can be integrated into the stand as well as the impact movement has on the space. Aluvision utilised the tiles as walling, ceilings and floors and added dimension to the stand with convex and concave structures. The moving graphics within worked to provide eye capturing content to further encourage interest for passing visitors.

Why use it? 

The LED Screen is a revolutionary, versatile ingredient working to draw attendees onto your stand. Creating movement, colour and action from every single angle makes it impossible not to notice.

The product goes beyond the typical screen variation when onsite, leading every surface to being a screen. Here are a few incredible transformations you can make with the Hi-LED 55: 

  • Traditional walls, roofs and flooring
  • Geometric shapes 
  • Archways and frames within the stand for customers to walk through
  • Curved spaces to create a seamless transition from wall to ceiling and floor, or wall to wall
  • Combination of LED tiles within traditional walling to create feature areas within surfaces
  • Structures within stands to act as features, product displays and tables
  • Entire LED rooms and engagement spaces to allow visitors to be surrounded my motion imagery 


Aluvision seamlessly replaces walls with their LED tiles, creating rooms and features within rooms to make a statement. The tiles eliminates the expensive hassle of redesigning or re-building an existing stand, as they can simply be swapped in for alternate structure.

The LED tiles can be used on their own or incorporated into the unique Aluvision modular frame system, a popular solution with stand builders for exhibitions thanks to the reusability and cost-saving benefits and also popular for creative solutions in corporate and experiential applications.

One of the growing benefits of LED displays are their green credentials. LED technologies already score highly with the latest ISO and related sustainability certifications due to lower power consumption, longer life span, serviceability and ability to re-use. Coupled with a reusable modular frame mount system this eliminates the need for physical print, fabric, material and other waste products for events and productions.

The aluminium frame itself is also recyclable and 75% of the frames are made of already recycled material. Additionally, lightweight LED panels and frame systems mean less transport cost and ultimately less negative environmental impact that customers are generating delivering events.

How does it work? 

It’s simple, each piece of the LED Screen clicks together to replace an existing surface. The concepts can go far beyond a traditional stand with straight edges. The option for curved tiles introduces circular features to orbit visitors. Aluvision’s exhibition stand at Prolight & Sound 2022 is the perfect example of how your options are endless. 

With no other manufacturers offering this solution to LED Screens, you are resassued to be set apart from the rest.

The Result: 

Aluvision’s LED Screens are the solution to taking a stand to the next level in a simple and cost efficient way. The capability and capacity of the screens go beyond your imagination guaranteeing to wow attendees. 

Ultimately; it creates a bigger impact on visitors, without the requirement to redesign an entire stand, ensuring your design is ahead of the curve and making it impossible not be noticed. 

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