Product Spotlight: Lumi Lightbox

Lights on with the Lumi Lightbox! 

The Lumi Lightbox is the go to for your next event if you are looking to make an impact and need convenience combined with high quality. Our unique Lumi SEG Lightbox packages takes the risk out of purchasing event structures and offers an affordable, durable, temporary DIY marketing solution that you can take anywhere. The packages are modular, reconfigurable, and 100% reusable. The ideal in-person marketing solution that makes you stand-out at exhibitions, trade shows, sales presentations, and pop-up events. Find Expo Centric’s Special offer at the end of this blog. 

What is it.

The Lumi Lightbox is the perfect opportunity to be seen at your next event. Using modern technology and seamless edge-to-edge design, this product presents a new perspective for marketers and exhibitors. The integrated back light design effectively elevates the message and enhances impact, adding significant value compared to conventional banner systems.

Why use it.

The Lumi Lightbox is the future of pull up banners. Here’s not one, but ten reasons it’s built for you:

  1. A singular kit to meet all of your exhibiting requirements 
  2. Self-install seamlessly, easily and in just four minutes
  3. A sturdy design that can safely free-stand 
  4. Attention grabbing without illumination lighting
  5. Replaceable graphic fabric at any time to maintain a ‘new look’ stand, without costing you or the earth
  6. Tool-free with an intuitive plug and play assembly design. It is as easy as slide, snap, push and lock 
  7. Take it with you in its transportable and protective casing 
  8. Last a lifetime with its high quality PVC, cleverly engineered making the frames sturdy and durable 
  9. A smart system allows frames to be connected together with its building block design
  10. Reconfigurable (no explanation needed) – see the configurations below:

The real question is; why not use it? 

This is the most effective pop up advertising Panels we have ever seen or used.
They are easy to assemble, super easy, colour by numbers if you like, it is that simple. The lighting and representation of your product is exceptional, and the amount of comments we had from other exhibitors about how it looked was overwhelming. – UNOX Australia

How it works.

There are four components that bring this product to life. 

Lumi LED Illumination: Our high quality and strong performing LED modules are supplied by OSRAM to achieve maximum impact and superior lighting to illuminate the graphics.

Quick Change SEG Fabric: All our graphics are professionally printed on high quality, light weight fabric using an environmentally-friendly dye sublimation printing process.

Easy to connect plastic frame: The durable and sturdy easy connect frames allows you to connect the individual frames together seamlessly with a clever tool-free, push-lock system. 

Easy to connect accessories: Connect multiple lightbox frames together with the easy connection accessories, with- out any tools. 

Whilst we’re on the How To’s, see for yourself how simple it is to configure: 

Who uses it.

Whether you’re in retail, hospitality or at your exhibition, the Lumi Lightbox is the next solution to get your brand or message across. 

Let the lightbox speak for itself. 

Stan and his team are quick to respond, very good at showing you what the finished product will look like, and deliver on time as they promise.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the way to do it, I would highly recommend these if you want to stand out in the crowd.

We just bought another 2, one week after using the first ones. Absolute winning product. – Unox Australia

Expo Centric’s Special Offer

Use our discount code ‘LUMI10’ to save 10% off our Lumi Range Products.
Hurry! Limited time only. Offer ends September 30th 2022, 11:59 AEST.

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