Boost the Marketing Power of Your Trade Show Booth with QR Codes

This strategy offers several advantages in enhancing attendee engagement, facilitating information access, and providing a comfortable experience for the potential customer. Here’s an exploration of the benefits. Discover why you should generate a free dynamic QR code solution and print them on your exhibit booth! 

Benefits of QR Codes for Event Marketing Campaigns 

Don’t miss out! Many companies across various industries have incorporated QR codes into their strategies to enhance customer engagement, streamline processes, and promote products or services: 

  • Products are promoted and presented thoroughly and easily. Scanning your QR code can lead to your streamlined content. 
  • Event marketing is easier and more versatile. All it takes is 1 scan. 
  • Customer engagement becomes more fluid, with interactive advertising directly at mobile phones. 
  • Loyalty programs get more enticing. All one needs to do is scan QR codes that contains your offer. 

The Benefits of QR Code Print-Outs at your Booth 

Ease of Use 

QR codes can be easily scanned by any camera app on mobile devices. This makes them accessible to a wide target audience. Unlike their static counterparts, dynamic QR codes can be edited even after being printed and displayed. 

Versatile Information Sharing 

QR codes can contain links to your landing pages, digital business cards, product details, or even app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This allows businesses to provide comprehensive information without cluttering the exhibit booth. 

Easy Lead Generation and Tracking 

When a person scans a QR code, it can be set up to capture this as a unique scan, effectively gathering a lead. QR code analytics can then be used to track the performance of the exhibit booth in real-time.

Leads Conversion 

Dynamic QR codes can direct users to a destination URL where they can be presented with a call-to-action, such as signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or downloading an app. This can significantly improve conversion rates. 


QR codes can be customized to match the brand’s logo or the booth’s aesthetic. Using a QR code generator to create these custom codes is straightforward, and many offer a free plan. 

Integration with Marketing Campaigns 

QR codes can be integrated with broader marketing campaigns. For example, UTM parameters (codes that allow you to measure the performance of marketing activities) can be added to the URL contained in the QR code for tracking in Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. 

Security Features for Booth Visitors 

Some QR codes can offer password protection, ensuring that only booth visitors with the correct password get access to certain information. 

Integrate the QR Code into the Stand Design to align with your brand 

Custom QR Codes 

Use a QR code generator to create custom QR codes that incorporate your brand’s logo or colours. This not only makes the QR code aesthetically pleasing but also reinforces brand recognition.

Strategic Placement Inside the Booth 

Place the QR code where it’s easily visible and accessible, but ensure it blends seamlessly with the overall stand design. The QR code should not disrupt the visual flow but rather complement it. 

Size and Contrast 

The QR code should be large enough to be easily scanned by camera apps on mobile devices. Also, ensure there’s sufficient contrast between the QR code and its background to enhance scanability. 

Edit Landing Page of Your Dynamic QR Codes 

Opt for dynamic QR codes over static QR codes. Dynamic codes can be updated with new destination URLs, allowing you to tailor the user experience as per your ongoing marketing campaigns or product packaging. 

Consistent Branding 

The landing page or destination URL embedded in the QR code should maintain consistent branding. This includes using similar colour schemes, logos, and language. 

Call to Action 

Encourage booth visitors to scan the QR code. This could be through a compelling call to action or by offering incentives like discounts, freebies, or valuable information. 

Track and Analyse 

Use QR code analytics to track scans and gather valuable data. This can provide insights into customer behaviour and campaign performance, helping you refine your strategies.

Tips to Make Your Dynamic QR Code Marketing a Success

Strategic QR Code Placement 

Thoughtful positioning of dynamic QR codes identifies the optimal spots for your dynamic QR codes within your exhibit area. Incorporate them into banners, booth signs, marketing materials, backdrop, reception counters, and product displays. Make sure they are prominently displayed and within easy reach for attendees walking by. 

Clear call-to-action (CTA) 

Add a simple dynamic QR code instruction to tell attendees what they will get when they scan the code. 

Whether it’s to access unique scans, receive special offers, or enter a QR code campaign, make sure the benefits they’ll receive are easy to understand and exciting. 

Tailored Landing Pages for Dynamic QR Codes 

Construct customised landing pages for your dynamic QR codes that are specifically designed for the event and its participants. Emphasize the main features, products, or special offers related to the trade show to effectively grab the attention of attendees when they scan the code. 

  • Generate the Dynamic QR Code: Utilise a dynamic QR code generator to create your unique dynamic QR code. This will link to the landing page you’ve crafted, which could be a destination URL or a short URL. 
  • Test the Dynamic QR Code: Use a variety of mobile devices and camera apps to scan the QR code. This ensures that it functions correctly, loads swiftly, and can handle unique scans from different devices. 
  • Deploy the Dynamic QR Code: Integrate the dynamic QR code into your exhibit booth design. Make sure it’s easily visible and accessible, whether on product packaging or promotional materials. This allows attendees to scan the QR code with ease, leading them to your landing page or other QR code campaigns. 

Interactive Content 

Present interactive and valuable content behind your dynamic QR codes. This could encompass product demonstrations, downloadable pamphlets, interactive showcases, or access to exclusive scans. The more benefits you offer, the more probable attendees will scan the QR code and engage.

Superior Print Quality 

It’s crucial to prevent any fuzziness or distortion that might obstruct effective scanning to ensure the best print quality of dynamic QR codes displayed on banners or promotional materials. Remember to select the preferred format, such as SVG for printing or PNG for digital use, to guarantee clarity and precision. 

TRACK your QR Code performance 

QR Code Analytics 

Most dynamic QR code generators provide built-in analytics. These can give you insights into the number of unique scans, the device type used, and even the location of the scan. 

Destination URL Tracking 

If your QR code leads to a landing page, you can use web analytics tools to track user behaviour on the page. This can include how long they stay on the page, what links they click on, and whether they complete any call-to-action. 

UTM Parameters 

Add UTM parameters to your destination URL to track where your traffic is coming from in more detail. This can be particularly useful if you’re using QR codes in multiple locations or on different marketing materials. Urchin Tracking Modules (UTM) allow you to measure the performance of marketing activities. 

A/B Testing 

Create two QR codes with different content or designs and see which one performs better. This can help you understand what type of content your audience prefers. 


If your QR code leads to a form or survey, you can ask users for their feedback. This can give you qualitative data about the user experience.

Editable QR Codes 

Create Dynamic QR Codes to Integrate with Your Logo 

Select a Dynamic QR Code Generator: Choose a dynamic QR code generator that offers the feature to incorporate logos into your QR codes. 

Input the Destination URL: Provide the necessary destination URL or information required to generate your dynamic QR code. 

Add Your Logo: Personalize your QR code by uploading your logo directly from your device. 

Create the Dynamic QR Code: Click on the option to “Generate QR code” to produce your unique dynamic QR code. 

Export the QR Code: Download the QR code image in your preferred format, such as PNG or SVG. 

Test Your Dynamic QR Code: Use various mobile devices and camera apps to scan the QR code ensuring it functions correctly.

Edit QR Code Design if Necessary 

Select a Dynamic QR Code Generator: Choose a dynamic QR code generator that provides the flexibility to modify logos or alter the design of your dynamic QR codes. 

Locate Your Dynamic QR Code: Navigate to your account on the QR code generator platform, and select the dynamic QR code you wish to modify. 

Modify Design: Opt for the “Edit Design” feature. This will guide you to the design editor where you can make alterations to the appearance of your dynamic QR code. 

Personalise Your Dynamic QR Code: Adjust your dynamic QR code design to your preference. You have the option to modify colours, incorporate logos, and select from different edge styles, patterns, and custom frames. 

Preserve Your Design: Once you’re content with your design, ensure to save your modifications. 

What are other factors to remember about using QR Codes? 

  • It can be integrated with Google Analytics. 
  • Can be easily integrated into other software. 
  • You can integrate it with your favourite apps – hassle-free. 
  • You will get notified with your QR code scans via email. 
  • You can create your own QR code templates. 
  • You can Integrate them with your Logo. 


By printing your dynamic QR codes on the exhibit booth, attendees can easily scan the QR code with their camera apps on their mobile devices, providing quick access to your content. Dynamic QR codes can lead attendees to landing pages, product details, or exclusive content, encouraging interaction and engagement. They can be used to create a variety of experiences, for example, directing users to different landing pages based on the device type used to scan the code.

Every scan of the QR code can be tracked, providing valuable data about attendee behaviour and preferences. Dynamic QR codes can be customised with your brand’s logo or colours, helping to increase brand recognition. Unlike static QR codes, dynamic QR codes can be updated even after they are printed, meaning you can change the destination URL or content as needed. Dynamic QR codes can save space on your booth while providing a wealth of information. Instead of printing out large amounts of promotional material, you can provide all the information through a single QR code. With dynamic QR codes, you can set an expiration date or limit the number of unique scans, providing more control over your promotions or campaigns. 

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