How to create 6 months of content with your Trade Show Stand. (Part 3)

Whilst being onsite creates a spectrum of opportunities for ongoing content there is still capacity to make an impact with a virtual presence. 

Parts one and two of our ‘Creating 6 months of content’ blogs looked at how businesses can walk away from an event with ongoing content from their stand and personnel at the event. 

Next, the opportunities introduced by a virtual stand are discussed, and most importantly, what to do with all the content once it’s been created. 


Pack your bags because you’re going overseas. 

With the support of COVID-19 to push the events industry online, exhibiting has reached new limits. No longer just in person, an exhibition stand can reach every area of the globe in one touch. How? Virtual exhibitions. 

Not just a website, virtual exhibitions bring stands online, designed in a 3D format for virtual attendees to walk the stand with touch points around every corner. With custom links, live chats and lead generation capacity virtual booths take the stand on a holiday. Virtual stands have the capacity to include: 

  • A singular space to house all brochures, flyers and URLs that visitors and companies alike can revisit long after the event
  • An ongoing lead generation tool working to connect visitors after the event with the company
  • A track of all virtual conversations held throughout the event days to refer back to

    It’s important to look at the virtual stand as an ongoing platform to house up to date information for visitors to look back at and for companies to distribute to ongoing and potential clients.

Check out the PACCAR Brisbane Truck Show 2021 virtual reality tour. 


The event is complete and pack down has begun. All products have been showcased and interviews have been held. The next question is what companies do with the content. 

The most critical part is ensuring the content is used strategically and utilised to their full potential. Before editing and publishing, review the company’s marketing calendar identifying key moments and how they can be supported by the content captured. Following this plan the distribution of the remaining content placing it strategically to create an ongoing impact. The content captured can be revised to suit different platforms by changing specifications and utilising a variety of clips from video content. There are a number of avenues this content can be distributed through including:

  • eDM campaigns 
  • Social media posts
  • Blogs
  • Case Studies
  • Website content 
  • Product Features
  • Guides 
  • Infographics 
  • Checklists 
  • Webinars. 

The options are endless once the content is captured and sits in the hands of the distributor. Ensure each piece of content is paired with a call to action in turn increasing the company’s return on investment.

With the support of a strong stand display, personnel throughout the event, a virtual presence, and a considered approach to utilise content, the initial three days of the event have now produced enough content to carry its impact for over the next six months all the while with a similar initial investment.

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