The Pop-Up Stand Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

An impactful stand no longer relies on large budgets and leading companies to build them. In fact, the same outcome is now even more attainable for everyday business than ever before. For years Expo Centric has been creating exquisite stands to make companies be seen onsite through custom designs, and know what it takes to take a stand to the next level. This year the barrier to having an expensive, impactful stand has been broken, and now all businesses and stand sizes can stand out at their next event.

Where we were.

Taking a step back to COVID-19, despite a challenging time for all businesses, Expo Centric’s sister brand Exhibit Central used this downtime to produce a stand option they know many companies have been waiting for. Within the exhibition and events market, they understood that there were many options on the market for large-scale custom stand designs, and by comparison many options for cheap (but often tacky) temporary stand options. What the market was asking for was a great pop-up solution for smaller spaces and lower budgets without having to forgo the company’s potential impact. 

This led them to create a product that is modular, reconfigurable, and 100% reusable. The unique Lumi SEG Lightbox packages took the risk out of purchasing event structures and offered an affordable, durable, temporary DIY marketing solution that companies can take anywhere. Whilst it sounds incredible, there were a few limitations met by the market. 

  1. Reconfigurability: Whilst an incredible feature, clients found the reconfigurability a limit to independence when setting up on site. With so many configurations available, understanding which option to build onsite became timely and frustrating.

  2. Demand limitation: The first release of the Lumi Lightbox sold out in just days and Exhibit Central has been struggling to keep up ever since. Whilst amazing for the business, this is less than ideal for the many companies awaiting the next most efficient stand-to-date. Production limitations were inhibited by the culmination of overseas supply chain issues and the timing of COVID.

Where we are now.

Welcome to the world of flexibility. Since the soft launch in 2021 Exhibit Central have been working hard to refigure the Lumi Lightbox to meet the needs of every stand owner. Introducing  14 new Lumi Lightbox configurations – your new stand has already been built for any size or configuration your company requires. Choose from one of 14 pre-configured solutions whether it’s a 3 x 3 sqm with a back wall only, or 6 x 6 sqm with back and side walls. The Lumi Lightbox is Exhibit Central’s most flexible stand option yet with the stand contents able to be used separately at different events, or re-shuffled around the stand floor for a different look and feel. This means any stand, at any event can be re-oriented to maximise the space layout and availability. 

Not only are there now pre-built configurations ready for businesses to purchase, but they are also in excess. The supply chain limitations have been overcome by Exhibit Central now creating the pieces themselves. This means there is lots of stock to ensure every business has access to making an impact at their next exhibition. 

Whilst the Exhibit Central team has been working hard to shift the product to suit the market’s needs, they have also been working on expanding to a now entirely dedicated team. This means they have more skilled staff members available to educate your staff, service you, and most of all work alongside your company to create unforgettable graphics for your next exhibition.

Why you need it.

The Lumi Lightbox configurations are the king of flexibility and are suitable for every stand size and budget. Beyond this, however, there are a number of reasons this product sets itself apart from everything else on the market.

Eco Friendly

Sustainability at its center, the Lumi Lightbox is the last stand your company will ever need. Once the configuration is built, there is the capacity to add and remove walling to suit any similar space. Additionally, should any branding or messaging require updating, Exhibit Central can reprint the material without needing a new structure. The signage is interchangeable and can be updated and applied to the stand structure as often or as infrequently as your company requires.

High Impact

Lights on with the Lumi Lightbox, it is hard to be missed when the stand not only illuminates but illuminates the space around it. A stand created from the Lumi Lightbox not only has a high impact on your branding but also works to illuminate key messages that your brand is looking to portray. Consider a graphic, tagline, or statistic that sets your company apart from the rest. Lean on the Lumi Lightbox to further elevate that message. The high-quality and strong-performing LED modules are supplied by OSRAM to achieve maximum impact and superior lighting to illuminate the graphics.

Easy to build

The initial Lumi Lightbox was easy to assemble and Exhibit Central has now just made it even easier. The durable and sturdy easy-connect frames allow you to connect the individual frames together seamlessly with a clever tool-free, push-lock system. Connect multiple lightbox frames together with the easy connection accessories, without any tools. 

A solution for every space

With up to 14 new pre-configured solutions, the Lumi Lightbox has a solution for every stand size and shape. Whilst pre-configured stands are available, the structure of the package can be manipulated and reconfigured if required. Should your company’s stand size not suit one of the 14 preconfigured solutions, the Exhibit Central team can work with you to create a custom solution for you.

Developed by Expo Centric

Not only is the Lumi Lightbox of high quality, but it’s developed by one of the world’s best exhibition companies. Expo Centric has completed over 5000 projects throughout the past 12 years winning a number of awards both in Australia and worldwide. 


It’s easy to create a high-quality product when they’re using the highest quality materials. The Lumi Lightbox is built to last a lifetime with its high-quality PVC, cleverly engineered to make the frames sturdy and durable. Even more, the quick change SEG material is a high-quality, lightweight fabric using an environmentally-friendly dye sublimation printing process

Who else is doing it?

Don’t just listen to us though, big named brands in every industry have started using the Lumi Lightbox as their next alternative. 

See our range of pop-up stand solutions: Available at Exhibit Central

Does the Lumi Lightbox sound like the solution to making an impact at your next event? Get in touch with one of our team members today to discuss a package that suits you perfectly!


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