Pop-Ups are Staying Up

Despite their short-term purpose, they’re staying for the long haul. 

As boutique-esque or simplistic as they initially seemed, pop-ups are now staying up for the long haul. Once brushed off as being reserved for small businesses or start-ups, they are now calling the shots as a bustling marketing strategy for all companies big and small. 

But, how do you know if they’re right for you and your business? Retail; this one’s for you! 


‘Pop-up’s’ or ‘Pop up shops’ are a short term experiential activation run by brands to harness a face to face interaction with consumers. They have quickly become a successful vehicle behind launching brands, new product ranges and encouraging tactility between brands and their consumers. Although traditional pop-ups were commonly short term retail leases, they are quickly becoming cleverly represented at shopping centres, events, galleries and more. 

Dior at Chadstone Pop Up Brand Activation by Expocenrtic.com.au


From a commercial standpoint, pop-ups hold the key to transitioning from online to physical stores (and vice versa). They break the financial barrier to showcasing products in a storefront and suddenly ecommerce (or buying online in our language) is no longer the enemy. The talents of local designers and retailers are no longer hampered by the high initial costs of opening a retail store from the get go. As a result they have time and money to continue creating high quality pieces, selling them to loyal markets and in turn translating into a physical store when the time is right. 


Flexibility; both physically and financially. Customers from different locations have different demands, and pop-ups (or at least ours) are built for this. Often simple to build they can be literally popped up and down depending on the location, or design preference of customers. Modular builds are the queen of reconfiguration, suiting venue requirements or simply a change in the look and feel. Financially, the shorter lease periods for retail spaces promote flexibility, and the smaller requirements on labour and design often boost sales without the large capital outlay.  


Not only are pop-ups the bridge for startups and small businesses, we are now seeing global retailers use them as a launching pad, weaved into their marketing strategy. A recent pop-up is the presence of Genesis Motors at Emporium Shopping Centre, Melbourne. Although a permanent looking fit out, it speaks to the ever changing usage scenario of retail spaces. 

Luxury retail brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior have also adopted the pop-up model as part of their regular marketing mix. Utilising pop ups to showcase the release of exclusive products, and unique experiences, sometimes within their own retail shops. With a sense of exclusivity and urgency, they utilise their pop ups to reign on the launch of products and in turn catapult customer excitement both in store and on social media. 


Two words: Marketing. Mix.

Add pop-ups to your marketing mix. Alongside place and promotion should sit the development of this tactful short-term but long-haul approach. 

Physical locations will forever remain a tool to fuel online growth. Until you provide the option to engage face to face, you will not have reached 100% of your market. Take it further by using your pop-up as a tool to create noise online. If designing your own pop-up to sit inside a shopping centre or expo, keep longevity in mind. Modular systems will allow for reusability, both good for the environment and the bank account. 

Once part of your marketing mix, the decision remaining is what type of pop-up you will create. With so much flexibility and lots to consider, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose a high traffic location. Tap into an audience that simply walks by.
  • Make it exclusive or invitation only to attend. Exclusivity creates the sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), drawing more people in!
  • Incorporate an interactive or exclusive activation within. Engaging activations will work to draw consumers in and keep them there for longer.
  • Get clever with design. Think outside the box, be creative and reflect your brand through your pop up.
  • Invite special guests. Say no more.
  • Create a shareable space. Let your customers do the talking, create a space worth sharing on social media. 



More awareness. More customers. More Growth. 

There are no rules when it comes to pop ups. Take this trend by the reins, and create an activation that compliments your business. 

Tesla Display Melbourne - Brand Activation by Expocentric.com.au

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