How to Pick an Exhibition Theme

An exhibition theme is the edge of creativity that a company brings to their exhibition stand to elevate their brand onsite. Buzz words like perfect theme, creativity, style and artwork aside, the exhibition theme holds purpose and should be carefully selected ahead of being at the event.  How to pick an exhibition theme is one of the most common questions we are asked by businesses, and it’s a good thing we are experts at it. Here are our top four tips to start the creative process ahead of your event and help shape your theme.

Lean on the exhibition builder

You hire an accountant to do your finances, a marketer to do your marketing and your company is successful because it does what it does best.  Lean on your stand builder as they are the experts at this. A successful exhibition and event starts by using the best tools for each job. Your exhibition builder has seen, developed and created every idea yet, so work with them to create a memorable identity for your brand. 

Understand what your stand builder has created previously and develop ideas with them. Supply images of what you’d like, and use other displays from different events and exhibitions as an example for inspiration. Discuss past projects with the builder and ensure they know what you expect. Inform them of your audience and what customers you are looking to attract. 

Regardless of a package or custom exhibition stand, your exhibition builder will have worked within the parameters of your stand and will work with you to design the perfect theme. They recognize what to do with the room within the space and know what is important to your company when at the event.

We worked on over 10,000 exhibition stands and don’t leave a stone unturned when looking at ways to develop your theme. Whilst keeping in mind the requirements of your business and your relationships we aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and create a piece of artwork with your space. We address what you value concurrently with what will drive attendance when you’re at the event. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we have published some of our best stands on our website to help inspire you with the planning. Regardless of your stand type there are pieces of inspiration for every business. See our package stand displays and custom exhibition stands.

Venue Space

Research the layout of the venue to recognize the movement and traffic pattern of attendees. The way attendees move throughout the venue should highlight how your exhibition space should be formatted, which in turn will feed into the theme. Consideration should be given to the height of your theme and how elevation can work to attract visitors from anywhere within the venue.

Functionality is key 

The exhibition theme should revolve around the purpose of the exhibition stand. Design a theme that creates opportunities within the stand. If the aim of the stand is to create leads and sales, then design a space that works to allow people to spend time on your stand. Alternatively if your stand is to provide information through educational talks, demonstration sessions or product trialling, the theme should incorporate space for these activities, making it easier to demonstrate onsite. 

Functionality will impact the lighting, type of furniture and artwork used and the theme should consider the disruption of white noise throughout the event.

Work with your stand builder to recognise how the functionality of your exhibition can impact the theme. Provide insight on what structures your business needs when exhibiting, and what will work to engage your community. 

Align with company branding

The biggest key to designing a successful theme is the alignment between the design and your company branding. Work with the exhibit design team to ensure your branding information is part of your exhibit theme in a natural way. Like a piece of art, it should be unique but reflect the designer. Exhibitions are the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand, however if there is no connection between the brand and your stand the affiliation will be hard to create. The exhibition theme should be an extension to the business branding to fit within the colours and image of the company. A successful theme will allow visitors to remember your stand and business beyond the event itself. 

Whilst searching and planning for an event theme has endless options, the key is being able to capture your visitor’s attention. It’s about building a brand presence (and attendee relationships) from a plain paper plan to the week of being onsite amongst the industry. The best bit? It’s as simple as picking up the phone with our team to get started!

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