The O-Show 2024

The biggest eyewear and eye health event this year is the O Show 2024. It takes place on 17 – 18 May 2024, at the Hordern Pavilion in Moore Park, Sydney. All of the latest styles and feature designer frames, prescription glasses, sunglasses, and more, will be showcased in the optical industries most important event of the year. You’ll be able to discover the beauty of new pairs, from affordable to high-end brands. It’s going to be a dance of usability, creativity, and innovation, be sure not to miss out on being involved in this spectacle! 

Key Features of the Conference 

If you’re offering fresh styles in glasses frames, or innovating with prescription and polarised lenses, this is your chance to shine and showcase your products. 

  • Already 1060 pre-registered visitors to-date  
  • 1273 attendees onsite over three days in the previous event 
  • There were 70 exhibiting companies in the previous event, out of 130 booth provisions 
  • Reported to have attracted international guests from countries such as New Zealand, Fiji, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Sri Lanka, and Canada. 

Who Should Exhibit 

The ultimate stage for the optical industry in Australia! It’s a golden opportunity for: 

  • Eyewear Brands 
  • Online Eyewear Retailers 
  • Optical Equipment Manufacturers 
  • Health Funds that offer coverage for optical expenses 

The industry is set to leap forward with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5% from 2023 to 2030. Currently it is valued at a staggering USD 183.36 billion in 2022. This growth is a reflection of changing lifestyle patterns and the increasing adoption of luxurious accessories among millennials, both from buying glasses online to in-store purchases. 

Benefits of Exhibiting at this Show 

Exhibiting at the O Show 2024 offers numerous benefits: 

Demonstrate your platform and range of products  

Ace your customer service game at this event. Present your cutting-edge equipment for eye tests or lens crafting and set new standards in the industry.

Showcase Your Designs 

Display your latest glasses frames, prescription lenses, and other optical products to a large, engaged audience. It’s like having your own theatre to perform in! 

Boost Your Brand 

Whether you’re a well-known brand like Ray Ban or a new player in the market, this event is a great opportunity to increase your visibility and reputation in the industry. 

Connect with Customers 

Interact directly with potential customers, understand their needs, and showcase your products. It’s like having a shop open to thousands of interested buyers.

Stay Connected with Your Market 

An opportunity for market research, to learn about the latest trends, your customers’ persona profile, technologies, and innovations in the optical industry. Get inspired and bring back fresh ideas to your business. 

Network with Industry Professionals 

Meet other professionals in the optical industry, share experiences, and create valuable connections. 

Expand Your Market 

With attendees from all over the world, including countries like New Zealand, Fiji, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Sri Lanka, and Canada, it’s a chance to expand your market reach. 

Save Money 

By showcasing your products to a large audience in one place, you can save on marketing and distribution costs. 

See You at O Show 2024  

Attendees searching for a new pair of eyeglasses will flock this event. Each is sure to feel the frame, colours, and many would definitely be getting an eye test, all to ensure their eyeglasses are just right. This event is about the experience, finding that perfect pair that would provide eye health solutions with style. It’s about the promise of class, quality, the assurance of economical prices, and the thrill of discovery. If you’re a small start-up or a big brand, exhibiting at this event could be the best investment you make. 


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