General Practice Conference & Exhibition 2024

The General Practice Conference & Exhibition (GPCE) Sydney is a premier event for primary healthcare professionals in Australia. Scheduled to take place at the ICC Sydney from 24 to 26 May, 2024, this one-weekend event is designed to provide general practitioners with clinical education sessions, products, offerings, and services that might assist health professionals with their profession.  

Key Show Info  

As the healthcare industry embraces the path toward net zero, GPCE Sydney stands at the forefront, providing a unique space for professionals to engage with sustainability initiatives. This weekend-long event promises an enriching experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional healthcare conferences.

Here’s why: 

  • With a customer satisfaction rate of 92% and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 52, last year’s post-show survey indicated a high level of General Practisioners attendance.

  • Participants have a compelling reason to attend as they can accumulate up to 57 CPD hours. The registration process has already begun, and those who register early can benefit from a 20% reduction on Conference Passes by using the code ‘EARLY24′ before April 5th.

  • 86% of GPs said they’re likely to make changes in the management of patients in their practice after attending GPCE.

Audience Demographics:

  • Age 25-35 years: 14%
  • Age 36-45 years: 23%
  • Age 46-55 years: 25%
  • Age 56-65 years: 22%
  • Age 66-75 years: 14%
  • Age 76+ years: 02%
  • 1,200 is the anticipated attendance for GPCE Sydney 2024

Who should Exhibit  

This event provides a dynamic platform by showcasing an exhibitor’s expertise and services to a diverse audience of healthcare professionals and industry stakeholders. 

  • Healthcare companies 
  • Pharmaceutical companies 
  • Education providers 
  • Government Organizations or Medical Associations 
  • Business Services 
  • Allied Health Services or Associations 
  • Medical Consumables, Devices, and Equipment Manufacturers 
  • Practice Management Services 
  • Recruitment Agencies 

Benefits of Exhibiting at this Show 

Exhibiting at GPCE Sydney offers businesses a unique opportunity to connect with healthcare professionals and showcase their offerings. It allows businesses to develop personal relationships with new and existing customers, raise brand credibility, increase brand presence in the primary healthcare sector, generate leads, and build a quality database. 

Upcoming Similar Shows 

While GPCE Sydney is a significant event, it’s part of a series of four events taking place in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. Keep an eye out for these upcoming events to continue engaging with the primary care community. 

Summing Up the Opportunities at GPCE Sydney 

GPCE Sydney 2024 is more than just a conference; it’s a hub for healthcare professionals and businesses to connect, learn, and innovate. Whether you’re a GP looking to earn CPD hours or a business aiming to showcase your products or services, GPCE Sydney offers a wealth of opportunities. Don’t miss out on this premier event in Australia’s primary care sector. 


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