Power + Utilities Australia 2024

The Power + Utilities Australia 2024 event is a key conference and exhibition for utility-scale renewable generation and networks undergoing transition. This event is scheduled to take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) on 7th and 8th May. The event will start at 9:00 am on 7th May and end at 4:00 pm on 8th May.  

Key Show Info 

This event has emerged as a focal point for key figures in the energy industry, drawing their attention and priority due to its intrinsic importance in navigating the sector’s present challenges and future development. Leaders from the utility sector recognize the event as a platform to discuss and showcase groundbreaking projects that accelerate the transition to renewables, effectively addressing the pressing issues of rising energy consumption and demand. 

At least 1,100 energy professionals are expected to attend.  

2,834 individuals and 107 exhibitors were its headcount in 2019 (Pre-pandemic levels)  

Attendee Job Function – Decision Makers
  • 34% C-Suites/Presidents/Directors
  • 43% Middle Management/Executives  

Attendee Job Function – Professionals with recommending status
  • 14% Engineers/Technical Experts
  • 05% Analysts/Advisors/Researchers

Attendee breakdown 
  • 20% Manufacturer/Reseller/Supplier 21%, Power + Utilities
  • 19% Technology Provider
  • 14% Professional Services/Consulting
  • 08% Engineering, Procurement, Construction
  • 07% Government & Non-Government Organisations
  • 05% Generator + Independent Power Producers
  • 01% Large Scale Energy Users (C&I, MUSH, LPU)
  • 01% Traders + Investors (Commodities, Energy Markets, F+I)
  • 01% Education + Research Institutions
  • 01% Start-Ups
  • 01% Media + PR 

Who should Exhibit 

The event also provides an avenue for networking and collaboration, enabling key players to forge partnerships, share innovative strategies, and contribute to the overall growth and transformation of the energy industry. Organisations that aim to stay abreast of crucial information, share insights on reducing costs, manage resources efficiently, and create a sustainable energy future are encouraged to exhibit. 

  • Utility companies 
  • Energy professionals 
  • Policy makers and regulators 
  • Technology providers 
  • Investors 
  • Research institutions 
  • Renewable energy solutions companies. 

Benefits of Exhibiting in this Event 

Exhibiting at the Power + Utilities Australia event provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services to a large audience of energy professionals. It’s a great platform for networking, forming partnerships, and staying updated with the latest trends in the industry. The event also offers a chance to learn about the latest technologies, strategies, and practices in the industry. 

Upcoming Similar Shows 

  • Australian Energy Week, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) 11th to 14th June 2024. Click here for more details

Power up, Join us 

This Renewable Energy Transition event is a gathering that commands attention and prioritisation from key figures in the energy sector. Esteemed leaders from the utility sector recognise the significance of this occasion as it provides a unique opportunity to exchange insights on crucial facets like saving energy, efficiently managing resources, and implementing renewable technologies such as wind farms and solar.

This event’s aim is to navigate challenges and reduce costs associated with the daily usage of electricity and fuel. The platform facilitates discussions on switching to more efficient practices, creating sustainable infrastructure, and addressing environmental pressures. Moreover, the event serves as a vital source of important information for consumers and businesses, helping them transition towards renewables and reduce carbon footprints. The commitment to attend stems from the collective understanding that such initiatives are crucial for the country’s development, community well-being, and overall quality of life. 

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