Victorian Careers Show 2024

The Victorian Careers Show 2024 is a significant event scheduled to take place from Thursday 16 May to Saturday 18 May at the Exhibition Pavilion 1, Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale, Australia. The event will run from 9am to 3pm each day, providing ample time for attendees to explore and interact with exhibitors. The show is a comprehensive platform offering resources and information on VCE, tertiary courses, career options, study strategies, the gap year, and much more. The event will also feature a seminar program on VCE subjects, study, career, and employment advice.

Key Show Info  

Organisers are projecting an increase in visitors compared to the 2023 show. The influx of career enthusiasts, students, and job hunters seeking knowledge, professional support, and opportunities are evident.  

  • The 2023 show attracted over 15,000 visitors 
  • 90 exhibition stands maximised the surge of people in the venue. 

Who Should Exhibit 

Exhibiting at the Victorian Careers Show 2024 offers many benefits to a wide range of businesses and industries. Take note that it is also advantageous to use a custom stand which will explain the whole process of your offerings. Here are who should exhibit: 

  • Universities  
  • TAFE colleges  
  • Training providers  
  • Businesses that provide resources, information, and services for VCE  
  • Organisations offering apprenticeship information and opportunities  
  • Career advisers, providers of tutoring services  
  • Lecture and study skills program providers  
  • Providers of international exchange and GAP year programs  
  • Providers of youth services and programs  

Benefits of Exhibiting at this Show 

Increased Visibility 

Exhibiting at this event provides businesses with a platform to increase their visibility among a large and relevant audience. This can help enhance brand recognition and reputation. 

Direct Interaction with Potential Customers 

The show allows exhibitors to interact directly with potential customers – students, parents, and educators. This direct interaction can lead to better understanding of needs and immediate feedback. 

Showcasing Products and Services 

Exhibitors can showcase their products, services, and programs, to demonstrate their value proposition in a tangible way. This can help attract potential students or clients.

Networking Opportunities 

The event provides a platform for networking with other businesses, industry leaders, and potential partners. These connections can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and new trade show opportunities. 

Market Research 

By interacting with attendees, exhibitors can gain insights into market trends, preferences, and competitor offerings. This valuable information can inform business strategies and decisions. 

Recruitment Opportunities 

For organisations offering apprenticeships, training programs, or employment opportunities, the exhibition space is an excellent venue for meeting and recruiting industry leaders. 

Promotion of New Offerings 

If a business or institution is launching a new course, program, or service, the show provides a platform to promote these new offerings for higher education to a relevant audience. 

Building Customer Relationships 

By engaging with attendees, exhibitors can build and strengthen customer relationships. This can lead to many compliments and retention. 

Upcoming Similar Shows 

Looking Ahead 

Events like the Victorian Careers Show 2024 is a gateway to future opportunities for students and a platform for businesses and institutions to connect with their target audience. Whether you’re exploring career options or an exhibitor looking to showcase your career offerings, the Victorian Careers Show 2024 is the place to be.

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