WINNERS – EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Seventh Annual Portable/Modular Awards

Expo Centric is excited to announce that we WON the Best International Design Category of the prestigious EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Seventh Annual Portable/Modular Awards.

Laminex project in the Best International Design

The Laminex Project was announced as the winner of the Best International Design category at the EXHIBITORLIVE Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas. The award recognises design excellence in portable, modular and system exhibits from around the world.

“It is a great honour to win the Best International Design Award! To win an award of this calibre is a major credit to all staff involved in the Laminex project. The Laminex stand was a design and installation feat with innovative custom inclusions and unique branding opportunities.” - Stan Kruss, CEO, Expo Centric.
Laminex custom showtopper exhibition stand at AWISA 2018 by

The Laminex exhibition stand was designed to help Laminex Australia introduce a new product range to the market. The brand needed to stand out and portray themselves as a premium brand against strong market leaders.

The Laminex stand is a true testament to the modular system. The stand was part of the AWISA exhibition, Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association. Exhibition stands are traditionally constructed by timber frames, so for a company to choose a modular aluminium solution at a woodworking event is an indication of the quality and advantages of using a modular system.

Design manager at Expo Centric, Saba Zare, commented, “One of the major features of the Laminex exhibition stand design was the inclusion of ‘PODS’ to segment each of the different series of the new Laminex Product range. The PODS allowed each segment to showcase the unique series, while keeping the look of the stand uniformed and consistent.

“These PODS gave the stand an Art Gallery feel and made the experience tactile for the attendees, allowing them to touch and feel all of the textures.”

Custom boards displays with iPads to showcase Laminex style boards were included to provide some interest to usually standard product samples.

The recognition of excellence through the EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Seventh Annual Portable/Modular Awards is a credit to all the Expo Centric staff including the design, project, installation and management teams. The staff’s individual and collective efforts have ensured that all Expo Centric stands are designed and built to the highest of standards and are proud of the world-wide recognition being received.

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